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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Feeling Colourful!!!

Having given my nails a break from nail varnish on holiday I've gone all out with my first painting session...

This trend may be very Caggie from Made in Chelsea two years ago but I still love it!!! 
It really surprised me today the number of people and the type of people who complimented my nails, people who you wouldn't expect but are actually just not brave enough to be so bright (their own words).
My advice....GO FOR IT!!!

As you can see I have a 'little' bit of a nail varnish collection going on. It's the type of product that any time I go into a Boots or Superdrug for essentials, I treat myself to a new colour. I'm now finding it very difficult to find a colour I don't have...oops! 

All of the colours I'm wearing right now are from various Rimmel collections. 

My favourite brand for nail polish have brushes that are a great shape for a tidy finish, the polish goes on extremely easily and it doesn't chip for AGES.....


I have this exact colour a it's awesome! Light peach nail polishes that you don't have to apply 5 coats to for an opaque cover are hard to find...this does the trick!

Maybelline also do a fantastic grey, it is not a colour I'd usually go for but it actually looks fantastic.

x x x 

Today's Outfit - Tuesday 30th April

So the main piece of today's outfit is this gorgeous waist coat from Primark. Its a beautiful light warm pink colour, that hangs floaty and long at the front which I just love. I wore it with a white vest, tucked into my black harem TopShop trousers and pointed stilettos. To finish the look off I added a chunky rustic gold necklace. 

As there is a lot going on at the top half of this outfit, I split and twisted back my fringe and tied my hair back to prevent it being overly fussy, pulling out a couple of strands at the side to keep the doo soft. 

x x x

Bex's Make Up Bag

My make up bag comes EVERYWHERE with me, its that little piece of gold when your having a truly rubbish day, but when you dive in, take out your perfect blush and touch up your cheeks it can turn your day around. OK so that was totally cheesy but I do love make-up, it's fun, it can brighten up your mood and it's fun to play around with.

The items I always have in my make up bag:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

This is a very thick liquid foundation, so much so a lot of my friends will only wear it on a night out. For me I have never been happier with a foundations coverage, and having grown up most of my life with bad skin (it's a lot better now with the help of antibiotics and very strong night serum) it gave me confidence when my skin was at it's worst. 
If full extensive coverage is what you are after, this is your foundation!

It is also SPF 15 so gives that added protection for our rare sunny days (non UK readers, I'm super jealous of your fabulous summers!)

Click to go to the benefit site

Benefit - Brow Zings

Being really fair my eyebrows are almost invisible without a little help. Benefit's brow zings give a great natural look for during the day but you can layer it on for a scouse brow look in the evening.
OK I tend not to go quite that far but this little box can give you which ever brow look you prefer and it lasts all day unlike brow pencils I've used in the past. 

MAX Factor Masterpiece Max

So yes, I am one of those girls who doesn't leave the house without mascara on (unless I'm going to the gym), another downfall of being fair is that without mascara I look ill or about 12 years old! However this did come in handy when I didn't want to train (I used to swim competitively) I would just turn up for training without my mascara on and my coach would think I was unwell.
This MAXFactor mascara is fabulous for length and volume! My view on mascara though is that it is all about the brush. I opt for a plastic brush as opposed to a plastic comb as I like the balance between separated long lashes with no clumps, but not so separated that you end up with spider legs hanging off your eyes. 
Barry M Blusher 1 Pink Orchid

BarryM Blusher

With blusher I'm not one to go for a really expensive brand as I get very bored with blusher colours so often by lots in one go. At the moment my favourite is this fabulously bright pink blusher from BarryM.
The colour doesn't come out this shocking on the skin, but gives a lovely fresh pink colour without looking too clown like.

Rimmel Liquid Eye-liner

My final must have in my make up kit is my Rimmel liquid eye-liner  My eyelids are very small so eye shadow isn't really something I use very often, but a line of this above the top lash add a simple spark to the eye.
This applicator is so easy to use and you can create styles from a 50s look to cat eyes with this one tool.

What are your make up must haves???

x x x

Monday, 29 April 2013

Holiday Outfit - Coming Home :(

So following my post about heading off on holiday this is going to be singing from the same hymn sheet in terms of flying in comfort but with an added freebie (who doesn't love one of those) 

Say hello to my fabulous freebie hat given to me by one of  the lovely people at my hotel...I LOVE IT!!! It's sooooo cute!! 

My outfit is pretty much the same as the outfit on the flight out except my top, white is the must have colour in a flight home outfit, to show off the tan (cough burn) of course. 

If your not lucky enough to have a very very sweet lady at your hotel when you go away you can always head to these stores for some fabulous straw hats in time for summer.

 I am a huge fan of all 3 of these TopShop straw hats. The sweet bowl hat with added floral detail is such a cute, girlie way of carrying this look. The aztec print detail on the straw trilby is very on trend, a great hat for a summer festival. Finally the floppy straw hat is a very sophisticated version of the classic straw hat, teamed with oversized sunnies, you'll look fabulous darling!

Finally I found this JEM on the Accessorize website, I absolutely adore it! Even more so because of the perfect little bow on the back. Summer picnic date perfection!

So all my holiday posts are complete and I'm brought back to reality.

To cheer myself up I'm going to look into all of the fabulous make up that is out there and take you into the depths of my make up bag must haves.

x x x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday Outfits - Tie Dye

To add a splash of colour into my hideously bright pink and white floral suitcase I took with me this wonderful tie dye top from TopShop.

I teamed this flash of colour with black shiny leggings and black heels. 

With the detail on the back of this top I opted for a up hair do to fully show of the fab Tee

To avoid a harsh pulled back look I twisted my fringe and pinned them back giving a little height and texture to the hair and finished at the back using a hair donut.

Despite this top being from last season's summer range it looks like the high street was ahead of the trends, with tye die being on a few of this years catwalks...

My fave of these four is the red Isabel Marant jacket, closely followed by the trousers from the same designer. 

And even the Celebs are having a go...although in my opinion Rita Ora has gone a tad over board.
I do absolutely love the jacket, however worn with jeans and a Tee maybe?

After feedback from my gorgeous uni pal Louise (lil mention for you there girl!) I will be adding the odd beauty post, so to start of, with this tye die outfit I wore this amazingly bright pink lipstick from the Kate Moss range at Rimmel, to give a little pop of colour in the face.

I also have on Nadine from Girl's Aloud's false eye lashes, Rimmel black liquid eye-liner and benefit brow zings (eyebrow powder) - one of my make up LOVES and must haves!!

Stay tuned for posts on my make up and daily beauty routine essentials. 

x x x

Holiday Outfits - A little more lace

As well as my bargain £15 in the sale at RiverIsland dress I wore on holiday I also took with me this stunning lace top. 

Although long sleeved the material is super light so not too hot on holiday. I teamed the top with black tailored shorts and strappy grey high heels. 

The detail on the back of this top is just beautiful

Both the lace pattern and the dainty buttons make for a lovely delicate finish.

Lace has been big on the red carpet too. 

Here she is again the fashionista who never lets me down, Olivia P, looking gorgeous in this dark lace top and clash print skirt. My favourite of these 3 looks however is Miss Millers, I love the chunky black boot with the dainty white lace, a look I think I'll adopt with my cream lace dress.

Perhaps it's the Kate effect that's sent us all loopy over lace???

Royally Beautiful!

x x x

Holiday looks - Hair Jewellery

So now I'm no longer the colour of a London bus I have taken some pics of some of the more glam outfits I wore on holiday.

This is a really simple and pretty cheap black t-shirt dress from H&M but add this pretty hair piece from RiverIsland and the look is instantly given some glamour and becomes a little bit more on trend.

There are lots of fabulous hair bands like this on the high-street at the moment ready for summer, I chose this one as it was only £8. I actually prefer some of the more embellished colourful pieces but I wasn't too sure how one would look on me. I usually wear my hair with a side fringe, which you can't wear with this jewellery and I'm not too keen on a middle parntin as I have a rather high forehead. So thought save spending lots of money on something I'm never going to wear I'll trial a pretty but cheaper piece to start with an see how I get on.

I was pleasantly surprised as I actually really like the look, however they can be a little fiddly to keep in place, as well as keeping your hair flat above the band. I found just resting the band on my head (not putting its down so it stretches over) and clipping it into place is much more effective than stretching it over the head.

I LOVE both of these hair chains, also from RiverIsland, add these to any outfit whether it's super glam night out or a chilled day by the river to give a little boohoo chick vibe!

I was inspired by the wonderfully fashionable Nicole Richie to try this look as in my eyes she nails it!!!

My fave is the first look, the bright red top and gold jewellery compliment each other gorgeously for a perfect easy glam summer outfit.

x x x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Holiday outfits

Despite being a walking lobster all week I did manage to take a couple of pictures so here are a few of my holiday outfits.

Night 1 - Out for dinner

Arriving in Gran Canaria at about 8pm our priority was food! So it was a quick top and shoe change, sort the hair and change the earrings then out for dinner.
I opted for this black and white aztec print top which is held up by a delicate silver necklace.
It's quite a loose fitted top which can give a bit of a frumpy look but by tucking it into these harem pants it gives the outfit a better shape.
I changed my converse for some black strapped sandals and to inject a little colour I chose these beautiful turquoise and silver earrings  

Easy Beach wear

For my first day down at the beech (pre being lobstered) I threw on this fab bright stripy floaty vest from TopShop. I actually wear this vest backwards, the front is a straight cut but the straps are very narrow and there is a high risk of exposure plus I just prefer how the top looks backwards.
Make your own rules with clothes I say, you don't always have wear it them how their designed.

This top is so light and airy throw on a pair of denim shorts and flip flops and your ready for the beach!!
Just remember the sun screen!!!!

Another over the bikini/down by the pool look I really like and its the easiest look EVER, is the casual playsuit.

This denim playsuit (photo taken at home as I wore it on holiday post turning maroon) is a comfy stretch denim material and creates a fun and trendy yet throw on easy look for on rout to the beach/lunch by the pool. 

Night 2 - Out for dinner

Ok so this dress is a little on the bridal side but I just adore the back detail. The beautiful lace heart shape front that continues in a T shape down the back giving a subtly and elegant sexiness to the dress. 

I wore this lovely cream dress with these light brown heels from Faith.

With a thick heel and a slight platform at the from of the shoe they are super comfortable...really they are!!!

I'm a bit of a comfort girl on holiday so tomorrow I'll show you a few looks that a super comfy but have a bit of glamour thrown in too!!

x x x

Today's Outfit - Thursday 25th April ... I'm BACK!!!

Hi All! Apologies for my lack of posts, limited wifi access on holiday and to be honest it was probably for your own good! I loved some of the outfits I took on holiday but teamed with a lobster coloured face and body none of them looked particularly great! I majorly underestimated the weather on the first day (its only April!!!) and got very caught out - I now have a beautiful peeling map looking stomach, so little (obvious but clearly not to me) lesson, is sun cream, sun cream!!! 

I'm now back in the UK and for one day only we have sunshine ahhhh!!! 

So today is my last day of leave before heading back to work, I'm spending the day pottering around town and getting 'back to reality' things done, I've opted for these amazingly bright jeans from H&M which I love, great fit and fabulous colour. Paired with this loose airy peach shirt from TopShop which I chose from the tall range as I prefer a longer fit in this style top, its a super comfy (doesn't rub on burnt skin *school girl error*) colourful summer outfit.

Little Becky Tip: Ignore the funny looks you might get mooching round the tall section of a shop if like me your 5ft 5 or the petite section if your 5ft 9, a top, dress, skirt may look better on your shape slightly longer or shorter than how it has been designed, so ignore the label and go with what works for you!
To take that point further I think it goes for the size of clothes too, I'm generally a size 10 but I have items that are size 8 and some that are size 14, buy the size that looks best on you, not the size that you think you are.   

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post on my holiday outfits, some of the pictures will be taken in my hall way to prevent you from having to experience the burnt horrors I had to deal with, not a great look!!


x x x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Today's Outfit - Airport here I come!!!!

Sorry for the lack of attention to my blog over the past few days this lil lady in the city has been rather poorly.
Boring things aside I am currently sat on my sofa, watching the end of 'It's complicated' (how darn amazing is Meryl Streep huh!!) waiting for my ride to the airport! It's officially the start of my HOLIDAY!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

I see all of the celebs getting off of planes in their sky high heels and mahoosive sunglasses and I think to myself really...how are you comfortable right now. For me being asked to sit still for 4 hours is uncomfortable enough, let alone in skinny jeans and 5 inch heels. OK so they probably have enough room for a walk in wardrobe on their private jets but you get my drift! 
So today's look is 100% comfort and light, not to help with the weight of the plane but to welcome the glorious sunshine of Gran Canaria in bright and airy attire.

A gift from my cousin who was living in New York a while back (those of you who are into basket ball will realize it was quite a while back) this basket ball jersey is light, breezy and I love the colours!
I've teamed it with my charcoal harem trousers from TopShop and my bright red converse.
Finished off with my ray-ban glasses (£30 from EBay  worn twice by previous owner, in amazing condition and over £100 off the retail price, love a great deal!) I'm going for a jock/geek look, I don't take sides!

I'd better crack on and finish my hand luggage packing (oops!) 

Watch out for my holiday looks through out the week

x x x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Today's Outfit - Sunday 14th April

So thankfully it was only a 24 hour bug and I can enjoy the sunshine with the rest of you. I'm packing, and with the family for a BBQ this afternoon, so have gone for a fun and comfy look today...

I recently bought this playsuit from NewLook for only £20, its a stretchy material so incredibly comfortable. I will wear it with thick black tights and black flats with a buttoned to the top shirt for work. I'll wear it on nights out with heels, but today I've gone for red converse and a thin beige jumper (its sunny but we're not quite experiencing heatwave weather now are we!)

I enjoy playing around with accessories and glasses are one of my faves, the round, geeky tortoise shell glasses were £5.99 off eBay and I think they really bring this outfit to life. 

Thought I'd give you a closer look at the glasses, and the silliness the sunshine brings!

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine!!!

Those of you overseas who get sunshine all the time...I'm very jealous!!!

x x x

No Outfit Today - Saturday 13th April

So yesterday was a royally rubbish day, I had great plans to do last minute holiday shopping and had tickets to a gig in central London in the evening, but instead I sat on my sofa, watching TV having been sick all day

I'm really disappointed too as I was so looking forward to wearing my new dress from river island and sharing it with you! Don't worry though this is not a post about my sick self and my choice of PJ's, I've decided I want to brighten myself up with a post on bold, block colour outfits. 

There is really only one celeb that I could pick for this particular trend as she not only rocks the look herself she designs GORGEOUS dresses on this trend...Victoria Beckham, you are marvelous!!!

All of these dresses are pure perfection! Classy, great shapes, elegant but far from boring with the electric choice of colour! 

I am a massive fan of this trend, so here are some bright block colour pieces from my wardrobe.

This is one of my all time favorite dresses, my mum saw it in a magazine and pointed it out to me, and I'm so glad she did. I was shocked to read that it was a dress from Amy Childs collection. The material is really flattering and looking on the website her designs are very much for women with curves, which I found to be a breath of fresh air as quite often on the high-street I find clothes are made for or suit more boyish figures. 

This purple TopShop dress is a really fun look for the summer, with a cheeky cut out on the front and back and teamed with these bright pink shoes its a very young and fresh take on the block colour dress. 

Not a bright colour option but very much like the shape of the Victoria Beckham dresses, this grey Primark dress is super sophisticated and being calf length can be worn both at work and on a night out. 
For a night out I'd team this dress with my glitzy black high heels from Miss Selfridge and my large bow style clutch bag also from Miss Selfridge.

This blue V neck pocket dress from TopShop is one of those dresses that can be worn for so many occasions and is another great choice for those 'I feel rubbish' days because of it's loose but not baggy and frumpy shape. I wear it with tights and flats for work, tights and heels for evenings out in the winter and last year I wore it with a white blazer and light brown sandals for a summer christening.

This little gem I got on a visit to M&Co with my mum, not a store I would usually shop in but this was on sale for just £10 and I think its gorgeous! A flattering neck like an little cut of sleeves, worn with nude pointed mid heels a fab summer office look that cost less than a weeks worth of Costa coffees. BARGAIN!

I saved this fabulous H&M summer dress for last, the light lemon colour brings sunshine to any occasion (super cheesy but totally true!) It can be worn with flat sandals for a day time outfit or dressed up with heels for a summer evening. In this picture I've worn leopard print super high heel court shoes from Dorothy Perkins - another awesome sale find at only £10!!

I'd like to think I've shown you can make this very high end trend work at seriously good prices!!!

x x x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Less money on luggage, more money for cocktails!!!

Whether we're going on a short stay and only take hand luggage so risk our bags being too big for the over head space on the plane, or we are taking luggage that we have to pay a fortune for because of it's weight, we always manage over pack! In addition I'm sure a lot of you, like I, do not even wear half of the incredible amounts of clothes we've packed. So how to avoid the urge to throw that in and ooooo I love this top and those shoes so throw them in the case too, then realize when you get to your destination you have nothing to wear them with. 

When packing for a holiday I swear by my day/night list:

I write each date I am away, underneath I write Day leave a space then Night leave a space, once written out for every day I start writing in outfits. Once outfits are written in I add in the accessories, I try to think of shoes and jewelry that will go with a number of looks, as shoes are the killer when it comes to the weight of your case!

Of course after all of this is packed I add in perhaps one or two additional outfits as I like to dress according to my mood, however I most certainly do not pack anywhere near as much as I used to.

Any of you going away soon who have the over packing habit, maybe give this a go and see if you save any pennies on your case...pennies that'd be much better spent on a cocktail, don't you think?

x x x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Aztec is everywhere!!!

It has been a real challenge to whittle down the options of fabulous aztec print pieces to these few, as there are so many to choose from on the high-street, but these are the few that really stood out for me.

I have to start off with the fabulous shirt dress from ASOS, I love the length I love the button up to the top shirt with collar design, I love the pattern, I love the maroon and blue colour combination and to top it all off I love the incredible price! This is a fantastic piece that can be worn in the summer as the model is or with a flat strap sandal. And also in colder weather (which you'll get lots of use of if like me your from the UK) with black tights and a chunky black shoe boot, or natural tights and a baggy beige knee high boot. Can you tell I'm very close to ordering this dress online right now?

The other dress I picked from ASOS was not only because of its vibrant print but also the shape. The low V neckline and thick black straps break up the upper chest and lengthens the neck. Whilst the skater skirt finish to the dress is very flattering on the hips.

I also added this really cute bag from ASOS perfect for a day trip to the beech, a picnic in the park or thinking about it I'm heading to Alton Towers in June (if any of you go on their new ride before then please report back on the experience!) and this bag would be perfect for carrying the essentials around for the day!

Finally the trousers from River Island, to me they scream, fashion, cool and comfy! For those days that you wish you could live in your PJ's, these are the perfect alternative!

I'm finding it so hard to write this post as I want to log on to all of these stores and shop online!!
This TopShop light blue with a faint aztec print skirt and blazer is a fantastic smart, summer work outfit. 
I'd team it with my beige pointed toe, mid heel stilettos from Aldo....ah I want this outfit!!!

I think the colour combo on the TopShop maxi dress is really unusual, I really like the injection of yellow that's been used and I think the crop top from TopShop is a great was to go aztec with a glam party outfit.

NewLook have stolen my heart with these wedges, a great way to wear this print subtly and with the black straps they're shoes that can be worn with so many outfits. 

Last but not least the NewLook shorts and dress, very classic pieces, the denim hotpant and bodycon tee dress but with fabulous prints to keep it fresh.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, tomorrow I need to start packing for my holiday and so I'll share with you my rules and tips for how to pack without taking your entire wardrobe away with you!

x x x