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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bex's Make Up Bag

My make up bag comes EVERYWHERE with me, its that little piece of gold when your having a truly rubbish day, but when you dive in, take out your perfect blush and touch up your cheeks it can turn your day around. OK so that was totally cheesy but I do love make-up, it's fun, it can brighten up your mood and it's fun to play around with.

The items I always have in my make up bag:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

This is a very thick liquid foundation, so much so a lot of my friends will only wear it on a night out. For me I have never been happier with a foundations coverage, and having grown up most of my life with bad skin (it's a lot better now with the help of antibiotics and very strong night serum) it gave me confidence when my skin was at it's worst. 
If full extensive coverage is what you are after, this is your foundation!

It is also SPF 15 so gives that added protection for our rare sunny days (non UK readers, I'm super jealous of your fabulous summers!)

Click to go to the benefit site

Benefit - Brow Zings

Being really fair my eyebrows are almost invisible without a little help. Benefit's brow zings give a great natural look for during the day but you can layer it on for a scouse brow look in the evening.
OK I tend not to go quite that far but this little box can give you which ever brow look you prefer and it lasts all day unlike brow pencils I've used in the past. 

MAX Factor Masterpiece Max

So yes, I am one of those girls who doesn't leave the house without mascara on (unless I'm going to the gym), another downfall of being fair is that without mascara I look ill or about 12 years old! However this did come in handy when I didn't want to train (I used to swim competitively) I would just turn up for training without my mascara on and my coach would think I was unwell.
This MAXFactor mascara is fabulous for length and volume! My view on mascara though is that it is all about the brush. I opt for a plastic brush as opposed to a plastic comb as I like the balance between separated long lashes with no clumps, but not so separated that you end up with spider legs hanging off your eyes. 
Barry M Blusher 1 Pink Orchid

BarryM Blusher

With blusher I'm not one to go for a really expensive brand as I get very bored with blusher colours so often by lots in one go. At the moment my favourite is this fabulously bright pink blusher from BarryM.
The colour doesn't come out this shocking on the skin, but gives a lovely fresh pink colour without looking too clown like.

Rimmel Liquid Eye-liner

My final must have in my make up kit is my Rimmel liquid eye-liner  My eyelids are very small so eye shadow isn't really something I use very often, but a line of this above the top lash add a simple spark to the eye.
This applicator is so easy to use and you can create styles from a 50s look to cat eyes with this one tool.

What are your make up must haves???

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