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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Feeling Colourful!!!

Having given my nails a break from nail varnish on holiday I've gone all out with my first painting session...

This trend may be very Caggie from Made in Chelsea two years ago but I still love it!!! 
It really surprised me today the number of people and the type of people who complimented my nails, people who you wouldn't expect but are actually just not brave enough to be so bright (their own words).
My advice....GO FOR IT!!!

As you can see I have a 'little' bit of a nail varnish collection going on. It's the type of product that any time I go into a Boots or Superdrug for essentials, I treat myself to a new colour. I'm now finding it very difficult to find a colour I don't have...oops! 

All of the colours I'm wearing right now are from various Rimmel collections. 

My favourite brand for nail polish have brushes that are a great shape for a tidy finish, the polish goes on extremely easily and it doesn't chip for AGES.....


I have this exact colour a it's awesome! Light peach nail polishes that you don't have to apply 5 coats to for an opaque cover are hard to find...this does the trick!

Maybelline also do a fantastic grey, it is not a colour I'd usually go for but it actually looks fantastic.

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