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About Me

Monday, 8 April 2013

First Post!

Hey Bloggers and Blog Readers!!!

Welcome to Bex And The City!

A few people have been trying to convince me for a while to start up a fashion/style blog so here I am! The idea of my blog is to show you the looks I love, the outfits I put together for myself, what I think works for different occasions - all from the high street, I truly believe you can look fabulously stylish on a budget. In short welcome to a plethora of fashion goodness!!!


Here's me...HEY! This is what I wore to work today. LOVE these trousers, they have a lacey look, I got lots of 'wow I love your trousers' throughout the day and guess what they're £16 from Primark! Love them even more!!!
My shirt is a Miss Selfridge over sized shirt that you are supposed to tie in a knot at the bottom but I like the super long shirt look. I added the black satin tie that came with another shirt to give it a bit of the geek sheek look.
My coat is from...another amazing find....SAINSBURYS!!! Who would have thought! The buckle detail is gorgeous, its super warm and the fax fur gives it a real glamorous feel.

Thanks so much for reading my first post I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you thought!
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  1. This is a great look, pleased you have started a blog !

  2. Thank you for the inspiration!