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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday looks - Hair Jewellery

So now I'm no longer the colour of a London bus I have taken some pics of some of the more glam outfits I wore on holiday.

This is a really simple and pretty cheap black t-shirt dress from H&M but add this pretty hair piece from RiverIsland and the look is instantly given some glamour and becomes a little bit more on trend.

There are lots of fabulous hair bands like this on the high-street at the moment ready for summer, I chose this one as it was only £8. I actually prefer some of the more embellished colourful pieces but I wasn't too sure how one would look on me. I usually wear my hair with a side fringe, which you can't wear with this jewellery and I'm not too keen on a middle parntin as I have a rather high forehead. So thought save spending lots of money on something I'm never going to wear I'll trial a pretty but cheaper piece to start with an see how I get on.

I was pleasantly surprised as I actually really like the look, however they can be a little fiddly to keep in place, as well as keeping your hair flat above the band. I found just resting the band on my head (not putting its down so it stretches over) and clipping it into place is much more effective than stretching it over the head.

I LOVE both of these hair chains, also from RiverIsland, add these to any outfit whether it's super glam night out or a chilled day by the river to give a little boohoo chick vibe!

I was inspired by the wonderfully fashionable Nicole Richie to try this look as in my eyes she nails it!!!

My fave is the first look, the bright red top and gold jewellery compliment each other gorgeously for a perfect easy glam summer outfit.

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