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Monday, 29 April 2013

Holiday Outfit - Coming Home :(

So following my post about heading off on holiday this is going to be singing from the same hymn sheet in terms of flying in comfort but with an added freebie (who doesn't love one of those) 

Say hello to my fabulous freebie hat given to me by one of  the lovely people at my hotel...I LOVE IT!!! It's sooooo cute!! 

My outfit is pretty much the same as the outfit on the flight out except my top, white is the must have colour in a flight home outfit, to show off the tan (cough burn) of course. 

If your not lucky enough to have a very very sweet lady at your hotel when you go away you can always head to these stores for some fabulous straw hats in time for summer.

 I am a huge fan of all 3 of these TopShop straw hats. The sweet bowl hat with added floral detail is such a cute, girlie way of carrying this look. The aztec print detail on the straw trilby is very on trend, a great hat for a summer festival. Finally the floppy straw hat is a very sophisticated version of the classic straw hat, teamed with oversized sunnies, you'll look fabulous darling!

Finally I found this JEM on the Accessorize website, I absolutely adore it! Even more so because of the perfect little bow on the back. Summer picnic date perfection!

So all my holiday posts are complete and I'm brought back to reality.

To cheer myself up I'm going to look into all of the fabulous make up that is out there and take you into the depths of my make up bag must haves.

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