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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Holiday Outfits - A little more lace

As well as my bargain £15 in the sale at RiverIsland dress I wore on holiday I also took with me this stunning lace top. 

Although long sleeved the material is super light so not too hot on holiday. I teamed the top with black tailored shorts and strappy grey high heels. 

The detail on the back of this top is just beautiful

Both the lace pattern and the dainty buttons make for a lovely delicate finish.

Lace has been big on the red carpet too. 

Here she is again the fashionista who never lets me down, Olivia P, looking gorgeous in this dark lace top and clash print skirt. My favourite of these 3 looks however is Miss Millers, I love the chunky black boot with the dainty white lace, a look I think I'll adopt with my cream lace dress.

Perhaps it's the Kate effect that's sent us all loopy over lace???

Royally Beautiful!

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  1. This top is lovely! I hope you enjoyed yourself on holiday x

    1. Thanks hun sorry I didn't reply to this!

      Holiday was brill! are you going away this year? x x x