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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Less money on luggage, more money for cocktails!!!

Whether we're going on a short stay and only take hand luggage so risk our bags being too big for the over head space on the plane, or we are taking luggage that we have to pay a fortune for because of it's weight, we always manage over pack! In addition I'm sure a lot of you, like I, do not even wear half of the incredible amounts of clothes we've packed. So how to avoid the urge to throw that in and ooooo I love this top and those shoes so throw them in the case too, then realize when you get to your destination you have nothing to wear them with. 

When packing for a holiday I swear by my day/night list:

I write each date I am away, underneath I write Day leave a space then Night leave a space, once written out for every day I start writing in outfits. Once outfits are written in I add in the accessories, I try to think of shoes and jewelry that will go with a number of looks, as shoes are the killer when it comes to the weight of your case!

Of course after all of this is packed I add in perhaps one or two additional outfits as I like to dress according to my mood, however I most certainly do not pack anywhere near as much as I used to.

Any of you going away soon who have the over packing habit, maybe give this a go and see if you save any pennies on your case...pennies that'd be much better spent on a cocktail, don't you think?

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  1. I ALWAYS do this, its the only way I can actually organise myself! x


    1. SAME!!! I would literally have to take 3 cases away for a week if I didn't!! x