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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Today's Outfit - Thursday 25th April ... I'm BACK!!!

Hi All! Apologies for my lack of posts, limited wifi access on holiday and to be honest it was probably for your own good! I loved some of the outfits I took on holiday but teamed with a lobster coloured face and body none of them looked particularly great! I majorly underestimated the weather on the first day (its only April!!!) and got very caught out - I now have a beautiful peeling map looking stomach, so little (obvious but clearly not to me) lesson, is sun cream, sun cream!!! 

I'm now back in the UK and for one day only we have sunshine ahhhh!!! 

So today is my last day of leave before heading back to work, I'm spending the day pottering around town and getting 'back to reality' things done, I've opted for these amazingly bright jeans from H&M which I love, great fit and fabulous colour. Paired with this loose airy peach shirt from TopShop which I chose from the tall range as I prefer a longer fit in this style top, its a super comfy (doesn't rub on burnt skin *school girl error*) colourful summer outfit.

Little Becky Tip: Ignore the funny looks you might get mooching round the tall section of a shop if like me your 5ft 5 or the petite section if your 5ft 9, a top, dress, skirt may look better on your shape slightly longer or shorter than how it has been designed, so ignore the label and go with what works for you!
To take that point further I think it goes for the size of clothes too, I'm generally a size 10 but I have items that are size 8 and some that are size 14, buy the size that looks best on you, not the size that you think you are.   

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post on my holiday outfits, some of the pictures will be taken in my hall way to prevent you from having to experience the burnt horrors I had to deal with, not a great look!!


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