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Friday, 31 May 2013

PAY DAY Wish List!!!!

Pay day always gets me to thinking what could I treat myself to, and I'm heading to Westfield tomorrow for a girlie day, so I will need to whittle these down to a couple of items, but which to choose...please feel free to point our your faves to help me!!!

My mission tomorrow is to get myself a new skirt, and new top.
(Plus a quick nip to Primark for a pair of shoes and bedding! If only they had an online store!)

As much as I love this stripe multi colour stripe skirt I already have two skirts this shape, that I very rarely wear, as this shape just doesn't do anything for me.

I absolutely love this orange skirt, it's a great length to glam up for a night out and for work. It'll nip in at the waist so super flattering but will have to check out the material to see what this skirt looks like with tops tucked in.
I have a thing about skirts that show every little bump when a shirt is under it, I like to create a smooth silhouette.

I have been looking for an over-size sports top for a while, to create another outfit like the one I chose for the flight out on holiday this year, but with sleeves and a slightly lower V.
I really like this one from TopShop however I have seen one in Primark, under half the price, and it's not a top I'd wear all the time so will take a look at the cheaper version I think.

80's shape jeans are very in right now and I feel like I've taken too long to get on board with this trend, it's a great way to be on trend and not go for the same old skinny jeans.
Jeans may have to be added to the shopping list for tomorrow (I can see there being at least 10 items on it by the end of this post)

My final pick from TopShop is this gorgeous pair of brown harem pants. I'm devastated to say that after being fixed twice, my fail safe charcoal grey harem pants have seen their last outing (I may give them a 3rd fix as I can't bare to say that!) and if these brown pair fit anything like my trusty's they are coming home with me for sure!!

So searching for a new skirt, do I just forget the point about re night out and work wear and go for one of these fabulous mini's?
They could be worn with flats and tights if I really wanted to wear them to work right?
I'm really keen on the black, white and print skirt too.
Hmmmm I think this is going to be a try them on and see how I feel trip to Zara, which always makes me nervous. Part of me hopes that it'll all look hideous and I'll come away with a bank card that still has money on it, but on the other hand I really do like both these skirts, and it's going to be warm in London tomorrow! Eeeeek!!

I also threw in this shirt from Zara as I'm really loving orange right now and if I don't get the orange mid length skirt from TopShop this could be another choice.
Again could be styled for work and weekend wear, it'd look great with the boyfriend jeans from TopShop! Ah list is getting longer!!

Last but my no means least we come to NewLook.
I don't know where to start, I want it all!

The teal shirt is a gorgeous colour and the detail is so delicate and pretty, my one thought is if it is really see-through I can't be faffing with string tops underneath, so this may be a no no.

The white skirt is a potential choice for my new skirt, the skater style will mean tucking tops in wont be a problem and the pleats are tight so wont sit so far out that your hips look triple the size.
NewLook do however have a tendency to make the skirts and dresses incredibly short so will have to do a bend test when trying it on.

I have wanted a cropped vest for a while, but being on the curvier side its very difficult to find one that fits. This however has a stretchy ruched back so may accommodate for the extra room needed for us curvy ladies.

I think it's clear to say I'm determined to come home with something orange tomorrow. So if the first two items fail to take my fancy, I will be purchasing this fabulous bag, which'll make even an all black outfit pop!

Finally this fantabulous gold necklace, it oozes glamour, and very easily add that glamour to any outfit it's teamed with.

So girls and guys....which piece should I make sure I come home with tomorrow???

x x x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Today's Outfit - Thursday 30th May

Today I decided it was time to bring some brightness to the office...

These jeans were £3!!!!!!!!! in the H&M sale, I couldn't understand why there were so many pairs left of these fabulous colour jeans. It wasn't until I tried them on that I realised they have been sized incredibly small!
I couldn't get the pair in my size over my knees!
So I went up a size, and they're still a little tight, but hey I just don't bend in them.

The message today is don't be afraid to go up a size or two if the result is great, these pants got a lot of compliments today!

Although I bought my jeans last year your all in luck, Mango are doing some gorgeous red jeans very similar right now!! 
The Saturdays a girls who know how to rock clothes, and here Molly shows how you can dress red jeans up with sky high brown shoe boots and a sailor style jacket. Whilst Frankie is chilled chick with a rock pattern white tee and flip flops. 

I came across these fabulous aqua green jeans on ASOS, and Jessica Alba shows how they can be paired with another bright colour and totally work! 
A look my favorite girl in fashion is owning in this pic! Showing the same green (I'm thinking trend alert) in a beautiful oversize blazer, with a pair of yellow, almost mustard colour skinny trousers....does this girl ever get it wrong?!?!

x x x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Today's Outfit - Wednesday 29th May

With the dull grey sky outside my priority this morning was comfort, but with a few meetings at the office, going to work in my pj's just wouldn't have cut it!!

So I teamed my bright blue H&M jeans with a loose long black vest, made all snugly with a cotton blazer and red & print floral scarf from TopShop.

In an attempt to add a little sparkle to the outfit I added these gorgeous gold and black earrings from...Superdrug!!!! 

I love to accessories according to my mood, but my watch is the only piece of Jewellery I wear every day. I like to mix up my earrings, necklaces, earrings day to day and to keep lots of variety I tend to go for fun, inexpensive costume jewellery.

I recently came across Love From Misbehave on twitter, a site perfect for amazingly priced, on trend pieces:  http://www.lovefrommisbehave.com

All of these items under £10 and will give any outfit a cute, fun added touch of glitz! 

Keep on the aztec trend are these gorgeous earrings, in fabulous bright summer colours.

I really like the use of shapes in the chunky gold necklace, and again in fantastic colours for the summer.

Collars are very in right now and I think this navy and gold piece would add serious glamour to any outfit and under £10!!!

The black spade studs are just super cute, when I has short hair I was all about stud earrings, perfect for you girls with a funky pixie doo.

x x x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Today's Outfit - Sunday 26th May

Sunny weather has arrived!!!!! YAY!!!

Still a little ergh about my arms and tummy having consumed alcohol everyday this past week (have to get myself gyming it again!) this jumper is a perfect summer top when you want to cover up a little, but is kept a tad cheeky with the split back. I absolutely love the light orange colour of this jumper and although knitted it is very airy so not too hot in the sunshine!

I teamed the jumper with denim shorts, that actually used to be boy shape jeans from TopShop that I cut myself. I also cut off one of the back pockets to show the dark blue square, for a bit of added detail. 

Before I went out I was weighing up whether to wear my grey boots or red converse to finish the look, as I was heading out for a few drinks (again....that ended up being more than a few....ouch to the head this morning) I went with the boots. 

x x x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Men's fashion

My cousins have been asking to me to a piece on men's fashion...so here goes. I've found it hard to get inspired by men's fashion so I've taken some time to look at my idea of the best dressed male celebs across all ages.  

From what I saw online the jeans and casual blazer is very in right now. For you over 40s Gary Barlow's chino and light blue blazer is a great look. 

You guys who want to be a bit more daring with your style I say take a look at the awesome will.i.am, in my opinion he unique fashion incredibly well.

For the youngsters out there, bless them the One Direction guys are just gorgeous little things and I love how they dress!

For smarter occasions it's all about the trendy suit now, my fave of the above is Tinie Tempah's, the slim fit around the ankle and white low neck tee rather than a shirt looks awesome!

But the guy of the moment in fashion is most defiantly David Gandy (it helps that he is incredibly gorgeous too - for you ladies reading this post!)

He rocks both smart and casual looks here, looks that are all achievable on our high-street!
Men's high-street looks to come!!!

x x x

Today's Outfit - Thursday 23rd May

Hey All! Sorry for the lack of blog love over the past few days work/life  has been crazy busy!

Friday night was my gorgeous friend Nat's birthday drinks, the aim was to go for a quiet few but does that ever happen?!?!

I woke up on Thursday having a shocker, one of those, I hate my arms, my legs and tummy days so had to try and create an outfit that covered all 3 without putting myself in a onesie or black bin bag.

I put together burgundy skinny jeans from TopShop with a long cream aztec print RiverIsland vest, the two tackled the thighs and tummy situation. Then there was the arms, and having chosen to wear my mid heel grey ankle boots I added my grey soft material blazer, with roll up sleeves from NewLook.

To finish off the outfit I added this glass look chunky necklace and Barry M's Cherry Black Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint lipstick.

Overall considering the choices were made to cover up those bits I was feeling blue about I'm pretty chuffed with the look.

What do you wear on your ergh days?

x x x 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Today's Outfit - Monday 20th May

This week is going to be a tad nuts! Over the course of the next 3 days I will be travelling, London to Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes to Crewe, Crewe to Northwich, Northwich to Warrington and finally Warrington to London!

So its been a case of what is easy to put together, goes with one of two pairs of shoes and light to carry...Day 1!

When that 5am alarm when off my first thought was comfy clothes!!! This fox detailed jumper from RiverIsland is super snug, to keep it smart and to add a little edge to the look teamed the jump with an over sized white shirt, buttoned up to the top to give a geek sheek feel, This is a fab way of making your favorite 'home wear' jumper ready for the outside world! I wore black skinny jeans and pointed black heels to finish the look off, the heels traveled in my case, trainers are a must for getting that case to and from train platforms!!!

x x x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

1920s Fashion

As promised and having been draw into the wonderful world of 20s fashion watching The Great Gatsby on Thursday, here are some of the amazing 1920s pieces that are out on the UK high street. right now I was surprised that a lot of the stores weren't showing a huge amount of this look, but I predict in the next few weeks/months we'll start seeing more of it. 

Miss Selfridge is the store that's leading the way with 20s inspired pieces...

I am so tempted to buy the first dress on the left in this picture, I absolutely love it,  it's my birthday next month so perfect for a glam evening out. I think it is stunning! I've just been onto the Miss Selfridge website again but have convinced myself if it still there on payday I'll buy it, if not it wasn't meant to be!

The dress on the far right is another fave for me but the shape would do absolutely nothing for my shape,  it would look amazing on you ladies out there who have slim, straight up and down figures. You would ROCK this dress! 

If all over 20s glamour is a bit much for an occasion or just too much for you, these shorts are a gorgeous way of adding a touch of this trend to an outfit.

The last of these four outfits is beautifully detailed at the front, a really delicate, girlie steer on a this glamorous era.

How the other high-street stores are doing 20s...

There wasn't a huge amount to choose from when looking at the rest of the high-street, and these dresses don't get me quite as excited as the Miss Selfridge dresses but they are all still very pretty. The items I am loving from this page are the asos headbands. They are so very twenties and so beautiful! A way to effortlessly add glamour to an outfit.

x x x

Today's Outfit - Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May

Eeeek sorry for being a little slack with my outfit posts, I have to admit it's because I've had so many evenings out this week!

Thursday night I was well and truly treated, an evening at BAFTA in Piccadilly for a screening of The Great Gatsby. Many of the lady's who attended the event were dressed in stunning 20's inspired outfits, champagne was flowing, a 20s folk bank was playing, it was glamour at it's finest. 

Heading into the cinema to my surprise there were goodie bags on all of the seats!!! Whats missing from the picture below is the chocolate and sweets that were also in the bag...they didn't make it as far as the weekend!

Among the goodies is a lovely shade of eye shadow from benifit's new range of longwear powder shadow, in the Gilt-y Pleasure shade.

This eyeshadow has a really nice golden shimmer to it's light brown, sandy colour. I'm really pleased with the shade we  were given as I'm not really an eye-shadow person, I very rarely wear it but this is defiantly a colour I'd wear, not too bright but will add a little simmer to the eye.

As for The Greats Gatsby, I loved the clothes, absolutely stunning...

the film itself...maybe one to rent on DVD?

Friday 17th May

Friday we threw a surprise birthday dinner for my wonderful flat mate, who genuinely had no idea! Yay!
We went to a las iguanas in Kingston - mini review - food was nice but the cocktails were really disappointing so not somewhere I'd go back to. (Old soak I know!) Never the less the evening was great.

I wore a top I got in the RiverIsland sale a couple of months ago for the first time, I really like the cross over floaty design, I also like how the cross overs gather at the waist. I find a lot of these style tops gather lower on the body which makes your waist look larger than it is and is totally unflattering. I teamed the top with wet look leggings from H&M, my glitzy court shoes from Miss Selfridge and my leather jacket from Republic.

Overall I was happy with the outfit, but not happy at all with my hair, I have had my wave crimpers for a few years but used to crimp my hair when I wore hair extensions  Now my own hair is finally long enough for me to use them again I thought I'd give them a 2nd go. You'll see my first attempt on my Flower Power post, I chose to keep my side fringe down for that look, which I didn't think worked, so for this attempt I went for a middle parting, but I'm still not 100& happy with it, more work shall be done to perfect this hair doo!

My flatmate/the birthday girl, has kindly let me add her to this post to show off the gorgeous white mini dress she wore from RiverIsland

At 5ft 8 and legs that reach my armpits we have very different body shapes and this dress totally rocks hers. The dress is quite narrow across the chest and being broad I couldn't get away with it, but it fits Rach wonderfully! 
The black panels down the side are super flattering and create an amazing silhouette.

She teamed this killer dress with Nude court shoes from Kurt Geiger (she looks after her shoes way better than me so can afford to go designer from time to time - me they'd be wrecked in a month!) a colour that continues the line of the leg making hers look even longer...she was a show stopper that night!!!

Saturday 18th May

Saturday night was another birthday night out, and in reverse from Friday I decided to get the pins out.

This lovely playsuit from NewLook always makes me think of an outfit Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman (post meeting Richard Gere of course!!) I really love the colour, and that has a high neckline, to balance how short the shorts are, keeping it looking on the right side of classy vs trashy.

Inspired by the fashion and glamour of both of these films keep a look out for my next post where I'll look at what the high-street is offering to achieve both a 20s and 90s look!

x x x

Office-wear on a budget

Inspired by some fantastic dresses a colleague of mine, who works in an area of the business that's a bit more suited and booted has been wearing, I decided to take a look at what the high-street has to offer for corporate wear. Suits and smart dresses can end up costing an arm and a leg so I was really pleasantly surprised when she said her lovely (not cheep looking at all) dresses were from Matalan. 

Matalan are showing some lovely summery office dresses right now, I love that they haven't stuck to boring black and grey and the use of the colour blocking is super flattering!

My friend has the second dress on the top row, it looks absolutely stunning on and I love the use of floaty cream material for over the tops of the arms, very summery and covers up those bingo wings for those pre bikini ready sunny days!

Another of my faves is the grey and white dress (3rd on the bottom row) the slight V is not too low but enough to elongate the neck and for the those busty girls out there it'll stop you looking too top heavy.

Matalan have also got some great suits. The narrow shape of the navy trousers keeps this suit on trend and I'd add in this bright cow neck vest to add a bit of colour. 

I really like the shape of the black skirt to the right of this picture, it gives the suit quite a glamorous feel I think, and for summer I'd team it with this lovely embellished orange vest, which would look fantastic with a tan!

Another high-street store showing some great office wear right now it Next, coming in slightly more expensive at blazers averaging at £45, so maybe not the place to change your entire work wardrobe, but defiantly a good place to look if you want to treat yourself to a nice new suit.

x x x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Today's Outfit - 15th May 2013

I love it when you can take an item you'd usually wear as part of a going out outfit or in this case a holiday number, that you can put together with other pieces in your wardrobe to create office looks.
I am fortunate enough to work in an office where there is a relaxed, smart/casual dress code, so I appreciate these ideas can't always be achieved in more formal offices. If you have to follow a more formal dress code for work keep an eye out for my next post about how to achieve the suited and booted look amazingly and at a great price!!

So you may recognise this dress from my holiday outfits, it's memorable feature being the beautiful lace details on the back. I really love this dress and wanted to wear it again and sooner than waiting for the sun to finally show it's face in the UK...which may not happen again this summer (looking outside at the grey sky!)

To make this RiverIsland dress office appropriate I teamed it with black tights and grey NewLook ankle boots. Showing too much bare leg in the office is a no no for me so black tights were a must, and I really like the casual chick feel the boots give this quite bridal looking dress.

I also had to be aware that however pretty the lace details is, it's not really appropriate for the office, so I added a black fitted blazer from Principles to cover the back. 

Have a good think about what dresses you have in your wardrobe that you could smarten up for a great office look!

x x x 

Monday, 13 May 2013

WIWT Competition - 60s!

The 4th day of the WIWT competition was 60's. I absolutely adore the twiggy look! Especially her make up.
Here's my attempt.



With this box cut mini, I added over the knees socks and some  twiggy inspired make up.

What do you think???

OK so I wasn't quite as extreme as the look below, I would save that more for fancy dress than everyday but still absolutely love it!!!

There isn't a huge amount of 60s influence on the high-street right now but I found a couple of little numbers if 60s is your thing.

NewLook's dresses really capture the 60s box shape dress, where as ASOS achieve the look with these retro prints. 

x x x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bex out in the City

Yesterday I spent the day catching up with a friend from uni, drinking way too many delicious cocktails at the various bars Covent Garden has to offer.

You can't really tell the colour from this picture but I went for my maroon skinny jeans from TopShop, a plain thin strap vest from H&M, grey ankle boots from NewLook and my favorite scarf right now also from H&M. 

The weather wasn't quite as warm as I hoped it'd be this weekend so wore my black leather jacket from Republic but thankfully there was some sunshine so threw on my aviator shades only £1 from Primark (I'm terrible for sitting on sunnies so there is no point in paying more than a pound for a pair!)

Going slightly off the fashion topic but felt the need to share my cocktail experiences from the weekend as found some little GEMS!!!

Two Dirty Rosie's, very strong but equally as yummy! From Fuel bar in Covent Garden and a little tip, as well as their cocktails, Fuel bar makes amazing pizzas!!!

These two were made at Foundation bar, my cocktail of choice (well second to a long island ice tea) on the left a french martini. On the right a little sweeter but just as tasty, a strawberry margarita.
Foundation bar is a great spot for cocktails and a dance! 

x x x

WIWT Trends competition

So after realizing the first 4 days of adding pics to the WIWT website for their F&F competition, I hadn't been setting my pics to actually enter it, I'm left with 3 more days to enter.

Friday's style challenge was accessories, my favorite accessories right now is my hair chain (check out my holiday posts for more info)


Here are some of the fabulous accessories I've seen out on the high-street.

Aztec is really gripping the high-street right now, and here is how it can be used for casual and dressy occasions. It's quite commonly used for casual outfits so really liking this little clutch from Zara for a more glam feel. 

I really love the yellow tone Zara have used on this leather hand bag and with festival season round the corner this light brown with fringe detail bag is a perfect number to have on your shoulder.

I've fallen in love with this gorgeous clutch bag from MissSelfridge, the gold detail against the pretty pink makes for a great little summer pick.

If the light brown fringe bag is a bit 'we've seen it before' this maroon fringe bag will create a bit more of a statement.

Again because of colour in a classic shape this turquoise bag from Accessorize hits the mark for a summer handbag.

TopShop are on the money with their statement necklace's this season. Above are just a few of my faves. There not a lot more to say than I think they are all killer and will add fabulousness to any outfit!

NewLook tends to be my go to place for shoes, but ASOS are doing some amazing pairs this summer.

Being added to my wish list are the tiger black pumps, really love the gold detail and they look super comfy too. 

Of the heels the blue, pink and purple open toe strap shoes are my pick, this shape has taken over from the chunky platform that we saw a lot of last summer and the colours are awesome!

x x x