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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bex out in the City

Yesterday I spent the day catching up with a friend from uni, drinking way too many delicious cocktails at the various bars Covent Garden has to offer.

You can't really tell the colour from this picture but I went for my maroon skinny jeans from TopShop, a plain thin strap vest from H&M, grey ankle boots from NewLook and my favorite scarf right now also from H&M. 

The weather wasn't quite as warm as I hoped it'd be this weekend so wore my black leather jacket from Republic but thankfully there was some sunshine so threw on my aviator shades only £1 from Primark (I'm terrible for sitting on sunnies so there is no point in paying more than a pound for a pair!)

Going slightly off the fashion topic but felt the need to share my cocktail experiences from the weekend as found some little GEMS!!!

Two Dirty Rosie's, very strong but equally as yummy! From Fuel bar in Covent Garden and a little tip, as well as their cocktails, Fuel bar makes amazing pizzas!!!

These two were made at Foundation bar, my cocktail of choice (well second to a long island ice tea) on the left a french martini. On the right a little sweeter but just as tasty, a strawberry margarita.
Foundation bar is a great spot for cocktails and a dance! 

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