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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

LBD's - with attitude ;)

Following on from my post Saturday here is the dress I decided to wear for my fabulously girly night out in Essex...


This black and gold detail bodycon dress is from the Motel range at TopShop. I am a real fan of mini dresses with long sleeves, it keeps the look classy. The gold details around the neckline that continues into a V at the back and around the cuffs is super pretty and gives a little bit of spark to a LBD.

I wore the dress with these Asian influenced earnings, which compliment the patterns on the dress.

Feeling brave....HELLO plunging neckline. OK so I've only ever been brave enough to wear this dress twice and I've had it 3 years!!! Also to venues that I knew it'd be dark and everyone would be dressed up to the max. But if your feeling like you want to get a show stopper moment out of a dress, the plunging V is the one!!

To give the V full impact I wear this look with my hair tied back. I added in some large gold V earring and super high heels. This is the kind of dress you can add any bright colour shoe and lipstick to depending on your mood, but part of your mood should be brave when you rock this!!

This next dress most people refer to it as an 'Angelina Jolie dress' however she was beaten to it! RiRi rocked it first, and it's this dress that set me on my mission to find a high-street version

OK so my version doesn't show quite as much leg, but to be honest walking to a bar in this dress is a task in itself let alone if it's slit continued a few inches higher (celebs don't have to walk further than the shofer driven car to a bar door so don't have our mere mortal challenges)

Again I think this dress is balanced out being long sleeved, and it is double layered so is really forgiving and gives a great silhouette. It's slightly more subtle than the plunging V but has just as much show stopping impact.

Who said LBD's are boring?!?!?

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