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Friday, 31 May 2013

PAY DAY Wish List!!!!

Pay day always gets me to thinking what could I treat myself to, and I'm heading to Westfield tomorrow for a girlie day, so I will need to whittle these down to a couple of items, but which to choose...please feel free to point our your faves to help me!!!

My mission tomorrow is to get myself a new skirt, and new top.
(Plus a quick nip to Primark for a pair of shoes and bedding! If only they had an online store!)

As much as I love this stripe multi colour stripe skirt I already have two skirts this shape, that I very rarely wear, as this shape just doesn't do anything for me.

I absolutely love this orange skirt, it's a great length to glam up for a night out and for work. It'll nip in at the waist so super flattering but will have to check out the material to see what this skirt looks like with tops tucked in.
I have a thing about skirts that show every little bump when a shirt is under it, I like to create a smooth silhouette.

I have been looking for an over-size sports top for a while, to create another outfit like the one I chose for the flight out on holiday this year, but with sleeves and a slightly lower V.
I really like this one from TopShop however I have seen one in Primark, under half the price, and it's not a top I'd wear all the time so will take a look at the cheaper version I think.

80's shape jeans are very in right now and I feel like I've taken too long to get on board with this trend, it's a great way to be on trend and not go for the same old skinny jeans.
Jeans may have to be added to the shopping list for tomorrow (I can see there being at least 10 items on it by the end of this post)

My final pick from TopShop is this gorgeous pair of brown harem pants. I'm devastated to say that after being fixed twice, my fail safe charcoal grey harem pants have seen their last outing (I may give them a 3rd fix as I can't bare to say that!) and if these brown pair fit anything like my trusty's they are coming home with me for sure!!

So searching for a new skirt, do I just forget the point about re night out and work wear and go for one of these fabulous mini's?
They could be worn with flats and tights if I really wanted to wear them to work right?
I'm really keen on the black, white and print skirt too.
Hmmmm I think this is going to be a try them on and see how I feel trip to Zara, which always makes me nervous. Part of me hopes that it'll all look hideous and I'll come away with a bank card that still has money on it, but on the other hand I really do like both these skirts, and it's going to be warm in London tomorrow! Eeeeek!!

I also threw in this shirt from Zara as I'm really loving orange right now and if I don't get the orange mid length skirt from TopShop this could be another choice.
Again could be styled for work and weekend wear, it'd look great with the boyfriend jeans from TopShop! Ah list is getting longer!!

Last but my no means least we come to NewLook.
I don't know where to start, I want it all!

The teal shirt is a gorgeous colour and the detail is so delicate and pretty, my one thought is if it is really see-through I can't be faffing with string tops underneath, so this may be a no no.

The white skirt is a potential choice for my new skirt, the skater style will mean tucking tops in wont be a problem and the pleats are tight so wont sit so far out that your hips look triple the size.
NewLook do however have a tendency to make the skirts and dresses incredibly short so will have to do a bend test when trying it on.

I have wanted a cropped vest for a while, but being on the curvier side its very difficult to find one that fits. This however has a stretchy ruched back so may accommodate for the extra room needed for us curvy ladies.

I think it's clear to say I'm determined to come home with something orange tomorrow. So if the first two items fail to take my fancy, I will be purchasing this fabulous bag, which'll make even an all black outfit pop!

Finally this fantabulous gold necklace, it oozes glamour, and very easily add that glamour to any outfit it's teamed with.

So girls and guys....which piece should I make sure I come home with tomorrow???

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  1. Did you get those Mom jeans from Topshop? I'm new to blogging but did a post on the ones I got. Absolutely love them, a definite must have!!

    1. I tried them on but they really didn't do anything for my figure :(

      I was so upset! But I stick to the rule of shapes that work for you over trends

      I'll check out your piece see how I might be able to get this look to work for me

      x x x

  2. Thats fair enough. It's taking me a while to get used to the fact they are more baggy than the usual skinnies I wear!