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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Today's Outfit - Thursday 30th May

Today I decided it was time to bring some brightness to the office...

These jeans were £3!!!!!!!!! in the H&M sale, I couldn't understand why there were so many pairs left of these fabulous colour jeans. It wasn't until I tried them on that I realised they have been sized incredibly small!
I couldn't get the pair in my size over my knees!
So I went up a size, and they're still a little tight, but hey I just don't bend in them.

The message today is don't be afraid to go up a size or two if the result is great, these pants got a lot of compliments today!

Although I bought my jeans last year your all in luck, Mango are doing some gorgeous red jeans very similar right now!! 
The Saturdays a girls who know how to rock clothes, and here Molly shows how you can dress red jeans up with sky high brown shoe boots and a sailor style jacket. Whilst Frankie is chilled chick with a rock pattern white tee and flip flops. 

I came across these fabulous aqua green jeans on ASOS, and Jessica Alba shows how they can be paired with another bright colour and totally work! 
A look my favorite girl in fashion is owning in this pic! Showing the same green (I'm thinking trend alert) in a beautiful oversize blazer, with a pair of yellow, almost mustard colour skinny trousers....does this girl ever get it wrong?!?!

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  1. I want your wardrobe!! Love the jeans and the shirt!! :) you look lovely! Xx