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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beauty & Health Weekend

So yesterday I got my new skin care regime off to a start...

I started off the day with the cleansing skin wash, and I made sure to use the mattifier before putting on my make up.
Last night I gave the sebum clearing masque a try, after washing it off my skin felt a little tight, but totally refreshed.
I then used Zineryt, a twice daily treatment prescribed by the doctors, this will take a little while to take effect so will keep you posted.

I also treated myself to a BarryM's Gelly Hi-Shine nail varnish in the Lychee colour. 
I have a black tie event on Tuesday (our team at work has been nominated for an award...very exciting!) and I'm wearing a navy blue cocktail dress with shoes a similar colour to this fabulous colour nail polish. 


With work being crazy busy, fitness has been at the bottom of my to do list, so with a 3 day weekend and no big plans fitness was on the agenda. 
I've been on two 5k runs followed by some toning exercises at home.

Having an exercise ball and hand weights at home means I can take over the living room and do a tough toning session.
I followed this mornings run with a healthy smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast - 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, the yolk it high in calories but also high in vitamins, also is one of the few foods that naturally contains vitamin D so I always include one yolk.
Now I'm ready for some Oxford Street Shopping!!!

Today's Outfit

With the glorious weather in London today it was time to get out the white linen trousers, I teamed them with my aztec print, metal ring Primark top I got this season for my holiday.

With my sandals on I'm ready to hit the shops, looking to get myself some Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner, having had 2 inches cut off my hair Friday (which I'm still a little emotional about) as the ends were damaged I want to get some good quality but also natural Shampoo and Conditioner, and this has come highly recommended. 

Has anyone else used the Liz Earle hair products??

x x x

Friday, 28 June 2013

Skin Care - Getting Personal

Something slightly different for bexandthecity, and if I'm honest a pretty tough post to publish, especially with some of the pictures I've included.
I'm writing this now as I have just been given a prescription for the only drug left for the doctor to prescribe me (I've tried them all) before I get a referral to a dermatologist in the view of being put on roacutaine (an incredibly strong drug)
. In sharing this I hope that it'll help if just 1 person to know there is so much out there that can help you get rid of this horrible skin condition!!! 

I have suffered with acne since the age of 13, back then it was hard, I was called horrid names such as pizza face, and I remember a boy saying, you could draw a dot to dot on your face, kids are mean! 

I tried every single skin product on the high-street but nothing worked and I didn't approach the doctor about it until I was 17, so my advise is that if your having skin problems and over the counter products aren't helping speak to your doctor they can help!!

It's not an over night cure and not everything you use will work...believe me I've had to try ALOT of antibiotics, contraceptive pills, gels and creams, below are just some of them and I'm still trying!

But keep going back, I have fantastic doctors who are really understanding and get the impact bad skin can have on confidence, its not as if you can hide your face away from the world, so they'll take your feelings seriously!

In the mean time whilst the lotions and potions are getting to work, I'm going to try these...
The dermalogica mediBac clearing skin kit. It costs about £40, and I have no idea what the results are going to be as I bought it today so I'll keep you posted.
The kit includes:
Clearing Skin Wash
Sebum Cleansing Masque
Clearing Mattifier (to be put on before putting foundation on to protect the skin)
Overnight Clearing Gel
Concealing Spot Treatment

Key tips to help are:
Always take your make up off before going to bed, and not just face wipes.
If you only use face wipes try taking off 'all' of your make up with your wipe, then get a toner and a cotton pad and see how much more the tonner will remove form your skin, that is what remains on your skin every night. Try a cleansing wash instead of or after the face wipes to really get all your make up off before bed. 
I've recently been advised to try using bare minerals foundation as it won't leave your skin with black heads, so perhaps a good investment for you if black heads are a problem.

Fingers crossed this last attempt from the doctors will get rid of my acne, but if not on to the dermatologist I will go, and I'll keep you posted.

I really hope if any of you are suffering from acne this encourages you to speak to your doctor about getting it cured!

x x x

Today's Outfit - Friday 28th July

Friday feeling, plus a day off gives reason for bright, bold and colourful!

I got this beautiful peppermint green jumper in the H&M sale for just £7, its a super light material so perfect for the summer, a concept I'm hoping will arrive in the UK soon.

I teamed the fabulous jumper with my bright blue skinny jeans and red coverse, a long day of shopping, the doctors and a vist to the hair salon required comfy shoes!

To keep the colours coming I added these turquoise cross earrings from RiverIsland, just £3!!! Love them, they're so cute. With a dash of orange on my nails the colourful, bright look felt complete.

Brighten up this grey miserable day (well for us Londoners) with some bright coloured clothes, I dare you!!

x x x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Today's Outfit - Thursday 27th June

Today I got bright, stripy and baggy. 

Today's Outfit
Monochrome Outfit
I've always worn this H&M baggy, long sleeve thin jumper with black bottoms, for a slick and comfy monochrome feel, but today, as it's my Friday (I'm on annual leave tomorrow yay!!) I wanted to go bright.
Out came the red H&M very skinny trousers. 
I can't lie these are so incredibly tight that bending down is a challenge but I love that unlike jeans they don't go all baggy by the end of the day, they keep their shape fabulously.
Teamed with my chunky wedge black boots and a splash of red on the lips I was ready to go!

I think something about the red got me feeling all flirty, so sending out to my awesome readers a big kiss!

The 10 minute walk from my flat to the station can not be done in these heels...well they can but I ALWAYS leave with exactly 10 minutes before the train arrives and its a 10 minute very brisk walk in flats...in high shoe boots I would never make my train, ever!
So for the journey I wore patent , gold bar flats, and the sun was out London this morning so a perfect  opportunity to get the new sunnies out yay!

x x x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Today's Outfit - Tuesday 25th June

I woke up Monday morning desperate to wear this dress, but knowing I was going out in Covent Garden with a girlfriend on Tuesday I resisted. Tuesday came, and oh the excitement, when a dress is priced £65 and you pay the incredible price of £19.50 and its comfy, easy to wear and funky too it’s a win, win, win!!!

I’m a fan of the button to the top shirt, the geek chic look, I do have to be careful being a curvy girl loose fitted clothes can hang off your, let’s say curves up top and make you look like a sack of potatoes. The shape of this dress has a risk of doing that, but the beautiful, floaty material moves with you, subtly showing off shape.

I wore the dress with my mid heel grey ankle boots for work, now I cant wait to dress it up for an evening out.

Whats been your best sale find this season?

x x x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Today's Outfit - Sunday 23rd June

So the aim of this weekend was to chill out! A relaxing weekend which after 3 months of non stop work and partying was very much needed!!!

My super chill out outfit, that I took a stroll down by the river in, consisted of...

a khaki All Saint cap, an over sides NUDE print burgundy tee, a long dip hem NewLook cardi, leggings and my grey ankle boots.

I have to say when I saw this picture I got rather excited, after 3 years of minimal hair straightening and all those dodgy in between style stages, my hair is LONG

So any of you girls out there who are trying to grow your hair, keep going, there will be some horrid horrid in between phases when no matter what you do you can make the look work but you'll get there!!!

It wasn't the sunniest day in London but the river was pretty nevertheless, and on my little walk I decided to head into town and look at sewing patterns. 

Yup this weekend whilst relaxing I was exploring the idea of making or designing my own clothes. 

It was very much a first stage or as they say in business, the discovery phase, but you know what it's a whole lot of fun!

I went for a very simple pattern to start with and these are shapes I would totally wear....providing I can make them...eeeeeeek wish me luck!!!

x x x 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Loving the sales!!!

My RiverIsland goodies arrived!!!! 

Very excited about debuting the first of my two new sale purchases. 

The print on the tee is delicate, intricate and vibrant, and for just £10, it's fabulous!!

The top is incredibly light so great for the summer and the dipped hem at the back gives a fab floaty look as you walk. 
For a casual Friday work outfit, I teamed the tee with black skinny jeans and my gold bar black penitent flats from Next.

For a night out I would wear this with wet look leggings and sky high heels, or even a pair of tailored shorts and a more chunky heel. 

It's always a good buy when your purchase can be worn for work and play.

Accidental Label Lab purchase

Yesterday after work, some friends and I popped into Richmond for a catch up and needing to use the ladies before the rest of the group arrived my flat mate and I popped into House of Fraser...a trip that resulted in me accidentally buying this FABULOUS shirt dress.

Reduced from £65 to £19.50, it would have been a crime not do huh!!!

I love the colours, the cut and length of this dress. I'll be able to wear it to work and out, with my grey ankle boots, chunky black wedge boots, grey strappy chunky heel sandals and even converse. 

Very excited about this buy!!

This is the first thing I've bought from label lab, I have always loved the clothes, but are a little above the price range I look at, however their sale this season is fantastic.

This beautiful cow neck burgundy dress, has been reduced from £45 to just £22.50!!! 
Gorgeous for the office with some nude mid heel point toe heels or glammed up with some statement bling and killer heels.
This dress would best suit the curvy girl, showing off without making an ample bust look huge, the cow neck bodycon, is a great choice for an hourglass and top heavy lady.

I absolutely adore and wish the Richmond House of Fraser had of had this beautiful white floaty top in store yesterday. 
White is not usually a slimming colour but the super long hem, that starts either side of the narrow middle panel creates an illusion that your hips and thighs finish where the longer panel starts. 

So this top is a perfect summer option for ladies with a 'pear shape' aka smaller top, larger around the hip and bum. 

Being on the shorter side, if I were to wear this top I'd keep my bottoms and shoes the same colour, to elongate the leg as the incredibly long dipped hem could make us littlens look even littler.

*Little tip for the sales*
 Buy items you know you'll wear lots, and that really flatters your shape, not JUST because it's a great price, because if you only wear the item once...even at 70% off its not a great use of your money.

x x x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Elton John/Willy Wonka Glasses...but I love them!!!

My beautiful, if slightly out there Aldo sun glasses made their debut this morning, and despite some of my male friends (obviously jealous of my coolness) making comments such as, you look very Willy Wonka or omg bringing Elton John back, I love them never the less!!  

My outfit today had to be super comfy for an all day off-site with the team I'm in, for a day of honesty and discovery.
So I teamed my TopShop blue pocket, slightly 60s dress with tights and converse.

Such a beautiful surrounding for thinking

Taking a break...tweet time!!!
You may notice another blonde other than me in these pictures, courtesy of the girls at work...

How beautiful is she!!!

So girls and guys what do you think of the specs???

x x x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

RiverIsland Sale FINDS!!!

I am very excited to be waiting on the arrival of the following two purchases both found in the RiverIsland sale online...

This baseball wolfpack tee, I got online for £7!!!!!!!

 I have tried this top on twice in the store but just couldn't justify £22 for a T-shirt when I had got one similar in Primark for £6 and so I thought to myself I can cope with just having my Primark Miami over-sized tee. 

Then on exploring the RiverIsland sale I came across it at this super reduced price YAY!!! 

Whilst flicking through the rest of the sale items, and having thought to myself when going through laundry a couple of days ago that I need more prints in my ever growing clothes collection, I came across this. A gorgeous Chinese influence dipped hem over sized tee. 
Like the baseball top its a V neck which is more flattering on us busty girls, and the colours and patterns are just beautiful.
Reduced to just £10!!!! 
Bright, beautiful and a fab price...wining!! 

My tip is, if you know your size in a store always go for the sales online, you don't have to deal with crowds, clothes all over the floor and those people that just go a bit nuts in a sale (we've all experienced them!)
Then if you have to take anything back you can just take it into store to avoid any other costs.

x x x

Monday, 17 June 2013

It's my biiiiiirrrrrrthdaaaaaay!!!!

I could have taken the day off work but everyone else would have been at work so whats the point ay!

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning, my wonderful flat mate had left this out for me, knowing I get up before her...

Turning...well my age I wanted to feel good at work not old so made a little extra effort!!

I wore my green dress from, M&Co, I saw it when shopping there with my mum and got it for just £10 in the sale!! Love the colour and the V neck and to the knee length creates a flattering silhouette.
I wore it with my new H&M blazer, my Aldo nude shoes, and this morning it was grey and horrid but the weather man said it was going to be 21 degrees, totally confusing. So I got out a mac that I haven't wore in ages, to be honest I'd completely forgotten about it.

This colourful small flower print mac is nice and light, ties in at the waist and has a super girlie feel...and only £15 in the sale...bargain!!! 

When I got to work I was completely surprised when I got given a beautiful red handbag, that had been HAND MADE by my awesome desk neighbour.

Made with a beautiful leather, and you know what they say...the bigger the bag, the smaller you look! 

The detail inside is gorgeous too, I don't know how she did it!!!

The buttons, the zip, the black and red, I love everything about it. Plus I pretty much carry round everything but my kitchen sink with me so the size is perfect!

I've been told my main gift is yet to come, so stay tuned...ah I'm so excited!!!

x x x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Today's Outfit & My Fabulous Birthday Gift!!!

After a rather excessive drinking session on Friday night, including my first ever Bloody Mary (not a fan!),

and a beautiful american pancake breakfast

I ventured out for my birthday treat of a fabulous dermalogica facial, courtesy of my wonderful flatmate and her boyfriend. Hannah who carried out the treatment was amazing, not only was the facial itself incredible, she gave me some amazing tips for my skin and made me feel totally at ease. 

Following on from my chat with Hannah 'll be looking to get a new cleanser and exfoliator and also when my current foundation runs out, look into a bare minerals foundation...watch this space!

As for the outfit choice, I knew I'd be heading out for a couple of drinks (non alcoholic ones!) in the evening, but the idea of wearing anything tight or that required any sort of effort was out of the question in the birthday hangover state I was in, so...

It was all about simple over-sized tee and leggings. Despite this being an easy option, comfy and only £6.00 from Primark, it received a lot of compliments! Fashion on a budget can still be super stylish!


As well as taking my dad out for a Fathers day dinner, my family took me to get my birthday gift. Travelling all over the country for work I was after a new small suitcase, one that looked both stylish and professional.

When I saw this, it was love a first sight...

Marks and Spenser made me fall in love today! It has a capacity bigger than a lot of the taller wheely bags, it has a padded area for my laptop and looks totally cute and professional!! 

I'm heading over to Stornoway in July and very much looking forward to taking this with me!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

x x x