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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beauty Post - Getting your tan on

I have a mum with red hair, freckles every where and every time I go on holiday some parts of my body play the tanning game and others decide they don't fancy it, in short me and tanning in the sun do not really go!

It's OK  though people, I find my salvation in visiting the fabulous Costa del bottle!

But there are so many fake tans out there, in creams, foams, sprays and then there's the tinted moisturiser option to confuse things, which one to use?!?!?!

Well having started this whole tanning thing about 10 years ago this is the one I love and stick to...

Garnier summer body tinted moisturiser (the darker tone) in two applications gives a beautiful all over tan, it smells really nice, and if you get a little streak (no matter what anyone says ALL tanners leave the odd streak) you can add your second layer and it all blends in. 

My glove of choice for applying tinted moisturiser is Superdrug's disposable vinyl glove (found in the first aid section) they last for 3 or 4 applications and it's only£1.99 for a box of 10!

I've just applied my first layer in preparation for Friday's birthday shenanigans, it'll develop over night and the second layer will go on tomorrow, then Friday morning...sun kissed and ready to party! (Damn that was cheesy...but true!)
Happy tanning!!!

x x x

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