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About Me

Friday, 14 June 2013


Eeeeeeeek today is here!!! Sat at work trying to contain my excitement for this evening, having done most of my getting ready this morning with my flatmate, we were definitely ready to get on the wine.  

Thinking it might not be a good idea to leave outfit photos until I get home tonight, as the chances are I won't be seeing straight if my friends have anything to do with it, I decided to take them this morning.

I decided to go against the bodycon dress idea as I feel much more comfortable in my tailored shorts and a vest. 
As planned the white H&M blazer is coming out to play and paired with my pink Aldo shoes and large bow bag.
 However the star of the show is my gorgeous new necklace I got from TopShop last night...I absolutely love it!!

Hope you all have an amazing Friday!

x x x


  1. I love those shorts Bex, such a great alternative to a dress or skirt! x


    1. So much more comfy!! Hope you had a great weekend x x x