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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Elton John/Willy Wonka Glasses...but I love them!!!

My beautiful, if slightly out there Aldo sun glasses made their debut this morning, and despite some of my male friends (obviously jealous of my coolness) making comments such as, you look very Willy Wonka or omg bringing Elton John back, I love them never the less!!  

My outfit today had to be super comfy for an all day off-site with the team I'm in, for a day of honesty and discovery.
So I teamed my TopShop blue pocket, slightly 60s dress with tights and converse.

Such a beautiful surrounding for thinking

Taking a break...tweet time!!!
You may notice another blonde other than me in these pictures, courtesy of the girls at work...

How beautiful is she!!!

So girls and guys what do you think of the specs???

x x x


  1. Love them! I've been after a round pair for ages but couldn't find the right ones, I'm still on the hunt! x


    1. Aldo have some fab round sunnies and only £10!!!

      http://www.aldoshoes.com/uk/accessories/womens/sunglasses/94831568-krya/98 x x x