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Monday, 17 June 2013

It's my biiiiiirrrrrrthdaaaaaay!!!!

I could have taken the day off work but everyone else would have been at work so whats the point ay!

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning, my wonderful flat mate had left this out for me, knowing I get up before her...

Turning...well my age I wanted to feel good at work not old so made a little extra effort!!

I wore my green dress from, M&Co, I saw it when shopping there with my mum and got it for just £10 in the sale!! Love the colour and the V neck and to the knee length creates a flattering silhouette.
I wore it with my new H&M blazer, my Aldo nude shoes, and this morning it was grey and horrid but the weather man said it was going to be 21 degrees, totally confusing. So I got out a mac that I haven't wore in ages, to be honest I'd completely forgotten about it.

This colourful small flower print mac is nice and light, ties in at the waist and has a super girlie feel...and only £15 in the sale...bargain!!! 

When I got to work I was completely surprised when I got given a beautiful red handbag, that had been HAND MADE by my awesome desk neighbour.

Made with a beautiful leather, and you know what they say...the bigger the bag, the smaller you look! 

The detail inside is gorgeous too, I don't know how she did it!!!

The buttons, the zip, the black and red, I love everything about it. Plus I pretty much carry round everything but my kitchen sink with me so the size is perfect!

I've been told my main gift is yet to come, so stay tuned...ah I'm so excited!!!

x x x

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