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Monday, 3 June 2013

Replacing Monday Blues with Fabulous Pinks!

I woke up this morning, after an amazing weekend, thinking damn they go just way too fast. 
But at the same time Monday happens once a week, every week and if we feel all blue every Monday then one 7th of every week is sucky...so I decided to replace Monday blues with Monday pinks and Monday pinks are a whole lot more fun!

Step 1 of pink Monday - Rimmel's hot pink lipstick. Absolutely love this colour, it'll bring any Monday 'ergh I need more sleep face' back to life!

Step 2 - Fantabulous pink sued shoes from Aldo. Ok these are on the slightly high side for work, but the added height and improved posture really adds a spring to a Monday step.

Step 3 - OK kind of cheating here as I painted my nails yesterday pre the pinkness decision, but how gorgeous are these colours!!
 I wanted to try Barry M's new 'Gelly' nail polish range. It's said it chips less easily and has added shine and so far so good!

Put together...

We have a happy pink Monday!

Give it a go next Monday with the pink in your wardrobe and let me know how you feel!!!

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  1. Very cute x Pri

    1. I've only just seen this comment, thanks so much Pri x