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Friday, 28 June 2013

Skin Care - Getting Personal

Something slightly different for bexandthecity, and if I'm honest a pretty tough post to publish, especially with some of the pictures I've included.
I'm writing this now as I have just been given a prescription for the only drug left for the doctor to prescribe me (I've tried them all) before I get a referral to a dermatologist in the view of being put on roacutaine (an incredibly strong drug)
. In sharing this I hope that it'll help if just 1 person to know there is so much out there that can help you get rid of this horrible skin condition!!! 

I have suffered with acne since the age of 13, back then it was hard, I was called horrid names such as pizza face, and I remember a boy saying, you could draw a dot to dot on your face, kids are mean! 

I tried every single skin product on the high-street but nothing worked and I didn't approach the doctor about it until I was 17, so my advise is that if your having skin problems and over the counter products aren't helping speak to your doctor they can help!!

It's not an over night cure and not everything you use will work...believe me I've had to try ALOT of antibiotics, contraceptive pills, gels and creams, below are just some of them and I'm still trying!

But keep going back, I have fantastic doctors who are really understanding and get the impact bad skin can have on confidence, its not as if you can hide your face away from the world, so they'll take your feelings seriously!

In the mean time whilst the lotions and potions are getting to work, I'm going to try these...
The dermalogica mediBac clearing skin kit. It costs about £40, and I have no idea what the results are going to be as I bought it today so I'll keep you posted.
The kit includes:
Clearing Skin Wash
Sebum Cleansing Masque
Clearing Mattifier (to be put on before putting foundation on to protect the skin)
Overnight Clearing Gel
Concealing Spot Treatment

Key tips to help are:
Always take your make up off before going to bed, and not just face wipes.
If you only use face wipes try taking off 'all' of your make up with your wipe, then get a toner and a cotton pad and see how much more the tonner will remove form your skin, that is what remains on your skin every night. Try a cleansing wash instead of or after the face wipes to really get all your make up off before bed. 
I've recently been advised to try using bare minerals foundation as it won't leave your skin with black heads, so perhaps a good investment for you if black heads are a problem.

Fingers crossed this last attempt from the doctors will get rid of my acne, but if not on to the dermatologist I will go, and I'll keep you posted.

I really hope if any of you are suffering from acne this encourages you to speak to your doctor about getting it cured!

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  1. Great post Bex and good for you for talking openly about it. I would never have known from your pictures you had Acne. You definitely cover it well.

    Its amazing how many people are affected by it and yet there's still no simple solution to the problem - different things work different people. I had very mild acne through my teenage years and I still get occasional breakouts but nothing like before. It can be so painful at times and the last thing you want to do it put make up on to cover it up. I use Dermalogica products and I wear Bare Minerals Makeup and that seems to work well for me but like I said everyone is different and its trial and error until you find what works.

    All the best and I hope you find a solution soon.


    1. Hi Paulina

      Thank you so much for your kind words, this post was particularly hard for me to write but I think girls especially younger girls should know that lots of people suffer from it!

      I have to admit the wonders of instgram (the celebs get airbrushing us mere mortals have instagram) but I've got used to putting foundation on to cover it.

      I'm being referred to a dermatologist and likely to be put on roacutane, and I'm thinking I'm going to blog my journey on it, as there are some pretty horrific side effects but it's very effective.

      I hope you keep reading, and thanks again!!

      x x x

    2. Hi Bex

      I totally agree and it's so hard for young girls especially nowadays - like you said the celebs have airbrushing and us girls are under so much pressure to look a certain way when in actual fact the image they're portraying is not even achievable!

      That's good, well I really hope it works for you. I've got friends who have been on it/are still on it and it is definitely effective. I think it's important to be aware of the side effects and from your latest post I can see you are.

      I look forward to following your journey.

      Take Care

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