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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Today's Outfit & My Fabulous Birthday Gift!!!

After a rather excessive drinking session on Friday night, including my first ever Bloody Mary (not a fan!),

and a beautiful american pancake breakfast

I ventured out for my birthday treat of a fabulous dermalogica facial, courtesy of my wonderful flatmate and her boyfriend. Hannah who carried out the treatment was amazing, not only was the facial itself incredible, she gave me some amazing tips for my skin and made me feel totally at ease. 

Following on from my chat with Hannah 'll be looking to get a new cleanser and exfoliator and also when my current foundation runs out, look into a bare minerals foundation...watch this space!

As for the outfit choice, I knew I'd be heading out for a couple of drinks (non alcoholic ones!) in the evening, but the idea of wearing anything tight or that required any sort of effort was out of the question in the birthday hangover state I was in, so...

It was all about simple over-sized tee and leggings. Despite this being an easy option, comfy and only £6.00 from Primark, it received a lot of compliments! Fashion on a budget can still be super stylish!


As well as taking my dad out for a Fathers day dinner, my family took me to get my birthday gift. Travelling all over the country for work I was after a new small suitcase, one that looked both stylish and professional.

When I saw this, it was love a first sight...

Marks and Spenser made me fall in love today! It has a capacity bigger than a lot of the taller wheely bags, it has a padded area for my laptop and looks totally cute and professional!! 

I'm heading over to Stornoway in July and very much looking forward to taking this with me!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

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  1. It's important to treat yourself during your birthday, and what you did was great! Look at those pancakes . . . yummy! Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Have a wonderful journey throughout the year. :)

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