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Monday, 24 June 2013

Today's Outfit - Sunday 23rd June

So the aim of this weekend was to chill out! A relaxing weekend which after 3 months of non stop work and partying was very much needed!!!

My super chill out outfit, that I took a stroll down by the river in, consisted of...

a khaki All Saint cap, an over sides NUDE print burgundy tee, a long dip hem NewLook cardi, leggings and my grey ankle boots.

I have to say when I saw this picture I got rather excited, after 3 years of minimal hair straightening and all those dodgy in between style stages, my hair is LONG

So any of you girls out there who are trying to grow your hair, keep going, there will be some horrid horrid in between phases when no matter what you do you can make the look work but you'll get there!!!

It wasn't the sunniest day in London but the river was pretty nevertheless, and on my little walk I decided to head into town and look at sewing patterns. 

Yup this weekend whilst relaxing I was exploring the idea of making or designing my own clothes. 

It was very much a first stage or as they say in business, the discovery phase, but you know what it's a whole lot of fun!

I went for a very simple pattern to start with and these are shapes I would totally wear....providing I can make them...eeeeeeek wish me luck!!!

x x x 

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