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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Today's Outfit - Thursday 27th June

Today I got bright, stripy and baggy. 

Today's Outfit
Monochrome Outfit
I've always worn this H&M baggy, long sleeve thin jumper with black bottoms, for a slick and comfy monochrome feel, but today, as it's my Friday (I'm on annual leave tomorrow yay!!) I wanted to go bright.
Out came the red H&M very skinny trousers. 
I can't lie these are so incredibly tight that bending down is a challenge but I love that unlike jeans they don't go all baggy by the end of the day, they keep their shape fabulously.
Teamed with my chunky wedge black boots and a splash of red on the lips I was ready to go!

I think something about the red got me feeling all flirty, so sending out to my awesome readers a big kiss!

The 10 minute walk from my flat to the station can not be done in these heels...well they can but I ALWAYS leave with exactly 10 minutes before the train arrives and its a 10 minute very brisk walk in flats...in high shoe boots I would never make my train, ever!
So for the journey I wore patent , gold bar flats, and the sun was out London this morning so a perfect  opportunity to get the new sunnies out yay!

x x x

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