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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

August Wish List....ALREADY!!!

Shopaholic taken to another level!!

I'm already looking at potential buys from next month, and we're only just half way through this one! Ooops!!!

I restricted myself to looking at 3 stores (otherwise my wages will be gone on the 31st August!!)

The playsuit obsession continues, and I am in love with this gorgeous black playsuit with the delicate neckline detail.

I think however this Victorian style shirt may just tip the playsuit as my favorite 'New In' item. 
The detail on the arms and lace on the neck are beautiful and not like any shirts I've seen on the high-street at the moment.
Be Unique!!

This over size cream and leather detail jumper dress is fab! I really like soft material with a little leather look to give it a subtle edge. 

I also think this zip bracelet is pretty cool too, I'm very much a gold and black kinda girl!

TopShop is clearly winning in the best 'New In' items, where to start.

The vibrant yellow of the sleeveless skater dress is fantastic for the summer!

I really like colour paneling of both the over sized tee and the sandals.

The statement gold necklace has a very 'royal crest' feel about it, and although I've never considered myself the princess type, I'm loving this!!!

My No1 pick has got to be this funfair print pencil skirt, it fun, the length keeps it classy and it can be dressed up and dress down for all occasions.

Day & Night Looks

Wearing this gorgeous skirt for work
White Shirt - RiverIsland
Gold Necklace - RiverIsland
Nude and Clear pointed heels - RiverIsland
Red Triangle Stud Earrings - TopShop

Wearing this gorgeous skirt for a night out 
Get colourful!!!
Lime green cop top - RiverIsland
Red Necklace - TopShop
Blue super high-heels - Office
Red Triangle Stud Earrings - TopShop

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  1. Love those Topshop heels! x


    1. I'm supposed to be restricting myself to 1 purchase a month....don't think it's going to happen eeeek!!!

      x x x

  2. That River Island jumper is beautiful! Good picks all round :)

    Claire at Stylingo xx

    1. Thanks chick! I can see my pay at the end of the month going in one hit!!! That RI jumper will work in the summer with heels and winter with tights...love a multi season number x x x