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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Latest Outfits x

Crikey this week has been busy!!! 
Not just at work but this is also week 3 of my new fitness regime meaning and it's been a real challenge to fit everything in. So here's a 3 in 1 post of my outfits over the past few days.


My family and I took a trip up to Hertfordshire for big family BBQ. 
With the weather being so indecisive I thought an up hair doo would be best, firstly it's a lot cooler (avoiding that sweaty neck situation) also if it rained I wouldn't have to worry about the whole Monika from friends thing going on....

not the best of looks!

I wore my black H&M maxi dress, brought in at the waist with a tan belt to give the dress some shape, and finished off with aviator style sunglasses (£1.00 from Primark...got to love it!!)

A look that was polished but super easy and comfortable. 

Monday Meh!

Monday morning is always a struggle for getting ready so this outfit with very much about ease!

My hair was a little too greasy to wear down with my fringe forward but there was no chance of me washing it at 6am on Monday morning, so a middle parting, short fringe strands pinned back was the way to go.

I wore my maroon TopShop skinny jeans, with this over-sided strapless cream shirt and brown NewLook wedges. Finished off with a dirty gold chunky necklace.

Wedges are a fantastic way to add a bit of effortless glamour to an outfit.

Wonderful Wednesday

After a few days of comfort and easy outfits I was ready for a more considered look.

I teamed my red Zara mini, with this Miss Selfridge over-sides shirt, its not been as warm the past few days so the tights were back on, and to pull the outfit together I added a splash of black to the top with this black satin tie.

With a buttoned to the top shirt and the black tie, there is a lot going on at the top of this outfit and so I think an up doo works best, giving the shirt a clean finish by not adding any fuss with loose hair. 

Continuing the minimal fuss I wore very simple black triangle earrings from RiverIsland. 

My make up was kept simple too, a black liquid line on the eye and a natural red lipstick. 

Now tomorrow the weather is shooting up to 31 degrees and I'm back to the dilemma of keeping cool on sweaty trains and dressing appropriately for work.

Any suggestions are VERY welcome!!!!

x x x


  1. thats the best phone case ever! cute outfits.
    part of me is starting to get a little bored of the super hot weather... it's too sticky!!

    Sophie | fashionslave.co.uk

    1. Hi Sophie, ah thanks I am a little Marilyn obsessed, the girls at work got it for me for my birthday.

      It's so true, that sticky feeling when stuck at work is not fun! x x x

  2. I love the maxi, you have such a fab figure! And that orange skirt is gorgeous x

    Heroine In Heels

    1. Aw thank you so much!!!! As do you, I just checked out your blog the skirt in your most recent post is fantabulous!!! x x x