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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Today's Outfit - Tuesday 9th July & my Beautiful New Necklace!

So yesterday I got given a surprise gift from my work friend who'd returned to work after a week in Spain, and I have to say the girl did good!!!

I am very much a gold over silver kinda gal and I love a statement piece, so the strong black rope is a total winner!!!

I put my gorgeous new necklace together with my denim and white sleeve TopShop over sized dress, loose and cool for the hot train journey's to and from work.

I chose to pull the outfit together with my black chunky shoeboots, which when I look at the whole outfit I feel was a good idea, however practical...not so much.

After spending the whole day with my feet living in a sauna I am very much reconsidering my no open toe shoe at work rule!

With a lot going on at the top of this outfit, the chunky necklace and a high neck dress I decided the look would work best with an 'up doo'

To create this large 'wrap around bun', I needed some assistance...

a blonde hair donut and a full long extension.

 The hair goes through the centre of the donut, spread evenly over the donut covering all of the mesh material and secured with a hair band. 

I tend to pull the hair loose a little so the bun doesn't look to ballerina perfect. 

Once happy with the bun I fix the clip end of the extension at the bottom of the bun, with kirby grips, then wrap the hair around the bun, pinning the hair in place. 

Kept in place with a touch of hair spray and your up do is ready to go!

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  1. That hair style really suits you, and that dress is lovely. Great post!

    http://rebeccaalicee1.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

    1. Hey fellow Rebecca!!! Thanks so much, love a fab dress find in the sale and it's even cheaper now...just £15 from TopShop! x x x