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Saturday, 31 August 2013

SW4!!! Festival Time!!

Last weekend I was at SW4, a day festival on Clapham Common, and don't get me wrong I was looking forward to having a dance with my pals and a few (and a few more) drinks but for me festivals an incredibly exciting platform for fashion!

On rout to meet the girls armed with my over night stuff and plenty of drink I wore my new green and white tee dress from Primark, only £6, super comfy and perfect for train journeys in this hot and sticky weather!!
I would also wear this tee dress out, simply change the wellies to a pair of heels and a chunky gold necklace and your ready for a night out. 

I found another little gem in Primark recently, I got this fab fringe bag for just £4!!!

The combination of the fringing with the stud and zip detail give the bag an eclectic boho and rock feel.
It's also a really great size for a day bag, my bags tend to be on the larger size but in that I'm encouraged to keep putting 'stuff' in it, stuff that I often don't need! This bag fits all the essentials, plus a little room for some make up.

Festivals are also the perfect opportunity to go all out on the jewelry front, and that I did!

With this 'funky' look you can break all the rules when it comes to keeping the metal colour consistent.
Finished off with black nails, accessories were complete.

My outfit choice was very simple, my demin playsuit...but hair doo and the right footwear choice left me in a pickle!

My original plan was to wear my hair up in a high bun (with the help of a medium size donut) with my new, and in my opinion pretty awesome heeled trainers.

NewLook have brought out these fantastic black, white and a touch of leopard print heeled trainers for just £19.99.
And for us dinky 5ft 5ers these are a fab choice for casual events where trainers would be the shoe of choice but also adding a little height, to make our leg look a little longer and slimmer!

However on the other hand having gone a full on blonde (with the help of Gariner olia hair dye) I wanted to wear my hair down, in this messy wavy style.

Also I got to thinking it would be much more practical to wear wellies and having left my hunters at work, my back up flower power wellies were called up for duty.

In the end I went for a combination, hair down and the heeled trainers, after all as my pal Kelly said 'no one dies being thankful for how practical they were in life' so awesome new trainers it was!

The fashionistas were out in force at SW4 and kindly a few of the fabulously dressed ladies let me 'pap' them for this post.

The beautiful Amy rocked this all white (very brave, if that were me it'd have mud and food marks all over it, I'm impressed!!) vest and short coordinate, both from Missguided.
All white is very in right now and with these fabulously fun florescent orange wellies Amy has created the perfect classy and fun balance in her festival look!

My next fashion pap snap was of Stevie, this gorgeous and simple floaty black dress from assos, with her loose wavey hair and black shades give an effortlessly cool look. Stevie also very creatively took the orange necklace I believe they were giving out at the Jager tent and turned it into a fantastic head piece!!

When I saw this bright, bold, incredibly awesome dress I couldn't help but stop Zoe in her tracks for a fashion snap. I LOVE this dress Zoe picked up in RiverIsland, its loose enough to be comfy for all that festival shape throwing but fitted enough to not give a sack look.
I love how Zoe's accessorised the dress with a chunky gold necklace (also RiverIsland) and gold hoop earrings. I'm also incredibly jealous of her sunglasses from asos, I have wanted some round, gold framed sunnies for a while, fingers crosses asos still have them in stock! And finally the look is finished off with her fab lilac wellies! Fantastic job Zoe!

Last but my no means least, and actually if I'm totally honest I love all of these ladies looks but this just edges it as my favorite. Leanne has teamed this lemon with silver sequins topshop vest with navy and white flower print Oasis shorts. Both items quite loose but with the shorts being high-waisted draws in the material at the waist keeping an hourglass shape. 
Beautiful outfit hun!!

Thanks so much to the four lovely ladies who gave me permission to use their pictures for this post.

I hope you had an awesome day/night

x x x

Friday, 23 August 2013

Keeping things Smart and getting Silly!

Tuesday 20th 

So if you read my previous post you'll know that I was a little nervous Monday night about a presentation I had to deliver on Tuesday, for 30 minutes in front of 30 people! 
Such an occasion required something smart but also something that wasn't fussy and that I felt comfortable in. 

I wore this black, red and white flower pattern NewLook dress with black tights, my new black fringe flats and finished off/smartened up with my black single button blazer from Principle. 
I went minimal on jewllery with just my watch and some simple gold stud earrings. 

And in case any of you wanted to know the presentation went well! Yay!

Wednesday 21st 

I was heading out for drinks and dinner with my gorgeous work pal so needed a work/night outfit. 

It's been a long time since I last wore this dress, it's very much one of those dresses that has to be kept for a non bloated, feeling good kinda day and it seems my sessions with my PT and 3 x 5k runs a week are starting to make me feel good. 

I wore this Primark dress with a thin black belt, pointed stiletto sling back heels and finished off with a gold 3 tier necklace. 

We went over to Bills in Westfeild and gosh that place does amazing food! Highly recommend it! 

Friday 23rd 

My flatmate and I took the day off work and headed to Brighton for the day. I didn't have time to take a picture of my outfit but I thought these looks were pretty cute too...

Happy Weekend All and to all in the UK enjoy your extra day off, LOVE Bank Holiday's!!!

x x x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Slick, Smart and Comfy!

Ahhhhhhhh I've been so so terrible work and social life have taken over, including another pretty rubbish date! AH!

Now back to fashion, my recent wardrobe activity includes...


This black shirt from H&M is fabulous, really comfy, really smart and the leather look collar adds a little edge.
I teamed it with my black and white almost lace pattern pants from Primark!!! YUP!!! Everytime I've worn them I've received a compliment and the shocked faces pulled when I mention where they're from are classic!! I wore my pointed black sling back stilettos and to finish off the look, I went slick. Hair pulled back tight into a low, simple ponytail and simple make up.



Getting colorful in block colours,in a super smart way. I put together my fabulous Zara sale buy, (the bright red skirt), with a black vest and this perfectly structured white blazer. To pull the look together I wore black tights and my thin strap wedge heels.

I felt girlie as well as feeling really smart. Love this outfit!!


On the move again for work, just one over night, but carrying this case on 7 trains and 3 taxi's over 2 days, comfort is necessary. 

I teamed my TopShop check shirt with my black tailored shorts and thick black tights.

My hair is not happy with me at the moment, the high ponytails I've been wearing its been breaking my hair off so I'm trying to style it as little as possible. (Then I go and dye it but these things have to be done) 
So to add as little heat to it as possible it dried it and put in two little french plats and left the rest a messy straight.

My black paintent gold bar flats have come to the end of their life :( but I got these fantastic flats from Primark on Saturday only £6!!!
Look completed with the addition of shades, (the sun is trying to resurface in the UK) and I was ready to go!!

Tomorrow I'm delivering a 30 minute presentation in front of about 30 people...eeeeeek....wish me luck!!!

x x x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Gorgeous High Street Pieces!

My top high-street finds this week

The print on this Riverisland tee is gorgeous. Mixing the classical flower print with the gold and blue aztec print, giving an almost Egyptian touch, creates a fantastic modern eclectic feel.

I love that the design of this maxi dress could be both dressed up, with heels and some fantastic gold accessories and also dressed down in sandals and more ethnic earthy style accessories.

Finally the TopShop dress, again it's a print I simply love, the dark tone brought to life with the electric pink is stunning.

Although I have a white blazer it can often be a challenge to wear as it finishes at the largest point on my hips so with jeans it isn't overly flattering. This white blazer from Zara however, is structured and also slightly longer which if your a curvy girl will cover up your hips and elongate your torso, leaving the focus on slimmer looking top half and your pins.

Sports Jersey's are VERY in right now and I love the royal blue colour of this one, plus with it being extra long, you can get your pins out and rock it as a dress too, like the celebs are...

And I've given it a go too...

It's such an easy trend to pull off, so comfy too!!

Finally H&M, the print of this dress is gorgeous, and also smart. With the darkest part of the print being at the waist, although it is a loose fitting dress it creates shape through the use of tone, the darker middle section appearing smaller than the lighter top and bottom.

Now at the risk of getting all 'summer is over in the UK' this jacket from H&M is fabulous! I love khaki jackets and with the addition of the leather look arms, this is a perfect soon to be autumn jacket.

x x x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Today's Outfit - Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th August

This weekend I went on a little 'window shopping' trip into town, but we all know how they end...yes a bag of 3 items from H&M.
 One of these items being this fantastic split pattern check dress.

Monday's Outfit

I love the red and black colour, the two different style of check and that it is a super easy dress to wear. 
Plus it can be dressed down for work (left pic) and dressed up for the evening (right pic)

To work I wore this dress, that came in at only £19.99, with black tights and flat gold buckle shoes.

Then for a Monday evening drink (a date...don't ask...up there in the top 2 of worst dates ever!) I changed into my black chunky shoe boots. 
With the tights and boots being the same colour the leg line continues all the way through, elongating the leg, which also creates a slimmer leg line (always a plus)
I think this is a great look for when you want to feel dressed up but in a really casual comfortable way...perfect for a date when there is enough to worry about besides feeling uncomfortable in what your wearing.

Tuesday's Outfit

Clearly I am in a shirt wearing mood this week, today was the second outing of this fabulous grey and lime green shirt dress from label lab, I got for just £19.50, reduced from £65!!!

Teamed with my grey NewLook ankle boots this is again an easy but smart look.

x x x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

First Game of the Season!!!

As well as loving fashion I'm also a bit of a sports fan. Not to the point of knowing every players name for every team, but enough to know the rules of the game, the chants, the players on my team and where we are in the league. 

Today QPR played Sheffield Wednesday at home...oh and we won WHOOP!
But what to wear to a game?
With a good 95% of spectators being pumped up males, wearing denim shorts or a skirt is just not fair on my brother and dad who I went to the game with. A hundred odd men ogling at your daughter/sister is no fun at all. Just to clarify this is not me blowing my own trumpet it would be the same for any female in a skirt/pair of shorts!
And as well as being covered up, I have to take into account the fact that it's still very warm in London and so need to keep cool too.

The outfit

My Miami sports tee, skinny jeans and dance lace converse.
Jeans aren't overly cool but they are appropriate, and the tee being incredibly airy creating the perfect combo.

It's seems that the QPR kit designers have had a bit of fashion inspiration this season too, bringing back some fantastic retro classics.

Loving these two tees and jacket!!
 I don't tend to wear the kit tees or the ladies leisure wear as they're not really my style, but this year things might change.

x x x