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Sunday, 4 August 2013

First Game of the Season!!!

As well as loving fashion I'm also a bit of a sports fan. Not to the point of knowing every players name for every team, but enough to know the rules of the game, the chants, the players on my team and where we are in the league. 

Today QPR played Sheffield Wednesday at home...oh and we won WHOOP!
But what to wear to a game?
With a good 95% of spectators being pumped up males, wearing denim shorts or a skirt is just not fair on my brother and dad who I went to the game with. A hundred odd men ogling at your daughter/sister is no fun at all. Just to clarify this is not me blowing my own trumpet it would be the same for any female in a skirt/pair of shorts!
And as well as being covered up, I have to take into account the fact that it's still very warm in London and so need to keep cool too.

The outfit

My Miami sports tee, skinny jeans and dance lace converse.
Jeans aren't overly cool but they are appropriate, and the tee being incredibly airy creating the perfect combo.

It's seems that the QPR kit designers have had a bit of fashion inspiration this season too, bringing back some fantastic retro classics.

Loving these two tees and jacket!!
 I don't tend to wear the kit tees or the ladies leisure wear as they're not really my style, but this year things might change.

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