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Monday, 19 August 2013

Slick, Smart and Comfy!

Ahhhhhhhh I've been so so terrible work and social life have taken over, including another pretty rubbish date! AH!

Now back to fashion, my recent wardrobe activity includes...


This black shirt from H&M is fabulous, really comfy, really smart and the leather look collar adds a little edge.
I teamed it with my black and white almost lace pattern pants from Primark!!! YUP!!! Everytime I've worn them I've received a compliment and the shocked faces pulled when I mention where they're from are classic!! I wore my pointed black sling back stilettos and to finish off the look, I went slick. Hair pulled back tight into a low, simple ponytail and simple make up.



Getting colorful in block colours,in a super smart way. I put together my fabulous Zara sale buy, (the bright red skirt), with a black vest and this perfectly structured white blazer. To pull the look together I wore black tights and my thin strap wedge heels.

I felt girlie as well as feeling really smart. Love this outfit!!


On the move again for work, just one over night, but carrying this case on 7 trains and 3 taxi's over 2 days, comfort is necessary. 

I teamed my TopShop check shirt with my black tailored shorts and thick black tights.

My hair is not happy with me at the moment, the high ponytails I've been wearing its been breaking my hair off so I'm trying to style it as little as possible. (Then I go and dye it but these things have to be done) 
So to add as little heat to it as possible it dried it and put in two little french plats and left the rest a messy straight.

My black paintent gold bar flats have come to the end of their life :( but I got these fantastic flats from Primark on Saturday only £6!!!
Look completed with the addition of shades, (the sun is trying to resurface in the UK) and I was ready to go!!

Tomorrow I'm delivering a 30 minute presentation in front of about 30 people...eeeeeek....wish me luck!!!

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  1. Those trousers in the first post are gorgeous!! They look great on you :) I'm now following you on bloglovin, would love it if you could check my blog out! :)

    Shannon xx


    1. Hey Shannon
      So sorry for the late response I didn't see this come through!
      I still can't believe I got those trousers in Primark!
      Just checked out your blog, LOVING the outfit you wore on Thursday! Gorg! x x x