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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Today's Outfit: Saturday 28th September

So that incredible feeling when you've tried something on in a shop, they only had a size that was slightly too big so you decided not to get it. Then you walk back into the same store a few weeks later, and not only do they have the size you want....but it's in the sale too! WHOOP!!!!

This exact situation happened to me in h&m in Westfield on Friday when I came across this cream lace skirt.
Down from £25.99 to£10.00 YAY!!!

I appreciate that this is more of a summer skirt but I think when the weather turns it can be worn with black tights and ankle boots for a cute winter look too. 
Saturday I wore it with my over-sized black shirt with leather look collar, and grey ankle boots.

I was heading out locally to the pub so wanted to dress the mini down so along with the baggy shirt I threw on my khaki h&m jacket for a more chilled and relaxed look.
This is a skirt that you could totally wear on a night out but can also be dressed down too.

To complete the chilled look I put my hair up in a loose, messy bun.

I hope you've all had a fab weekend ladies and gents.

x x x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Everything shiny and new!!! Friday 27th September

Yesterday was the birth of two new outfits in my life and in my opinion they are both pretty dam fabulous!!!


OK this out could totally be worn for an evening out too but I already had my Friday night outfit planned so I wore it to work...it is Friday after all!

These fantastic check high-waisted RiverIsland pants are perfect for creating an hourglass shape but in really comfy and on trend trousers.
I often find clothes that are really fashionable are best suited to those with a straight up and down, slim figure, but these have a really fashion forward feel but are also super flattering for us curvy ladies!
I changed the belt that came with the trousers as it was a little too chunky for my liking. I swapped it for this simple gold plate belt that came with my new MissGuided navy jumpsuits.

The leather look tee also from RiverIsland is a basic with a little edge that can be worn with so many ensembles.

I finished the look off with this brill gold statement necklace from NewLook, only £7.99!!!

For the journey into work the pointed heels we're replaced with slipper pumps, my cute Cath Kidson bag was thrown on (who said a laptop bag has to be boring) and off I went. 


I finally got to wear it!!!!!
I think my love for this jumpsuit may have gotten to the point of slightly obsessed, but a valid obsession I feel.
It is so easy to wear, it's big enough at the top for us girls with curves but comes in narrow at the waist, then continues into almost cigarette trousers. 

I went simple with the accessories as this is a super busy print, however a really bright statement necklace maybe a turquoise colour would go fantastically with this outfit. 
My big bow MissSelfridge bag came out with me, its always good to have a bag that you can fit flats in for the end of night walk home from the station!

This lip colour is from the Kate Moss range no20.

And finally my shoes, or skyscrapers as my flatmate may call them

These aren't new but it feels that way, I haven't worn them in forever, I love the subtle sparkle they have with the black diamante on the heel and platform.

Over the past few weeks I've felt like I'd lost my fashion mojo with being injured and the ill but I feel like it's back! 
I hope you enjoy reading about these outfits as much as I did wearing them.

x x x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

This weeks outfits! (w/c 23rd September)


I couldn't wait even a day to wear this top so Monday morning it's the first thing I pulled out of my wardrobe!

I went quite simple with the outfit as I was wearing it for work, so I teamed it with denim colour TopShop Leigh jeans (they look black in the picture) and my pointed heels. 

I got a few compliments on the top through out the day which I was chuffed about! 
I can't wait to wear it over a weekend when I can be a little more risque with my look.


Tuesday was a bit of a tough one, I had an interview (an internal interview so I won't get in trouble with work for writing that on here...my boss knows!) but I was also out for drinks in the evening and I didn't want to take a change of clothes into work so....

(Keep your fingers crossed for me!)

I wore my floral NewLook cow neck dress, with opaque tights, flat black pumps and my single button black Principles blazer


I changed my flats for super high black strap wedge heels, took off the blazer, poofed up my hair and off out I went.


Hump day, I threw on one of my favorite pairs of trousers, and I still shock people when I say they're from Primark!
I teamed them with my H&M cream with gold metal detail blouse and again my pointed black stilettos. 


This is the second time I've worn my cozy jumper with a shirt underneath and I'm kind of liking it.
I love smartening up something that you wear for a lazy day on the sofa so you can wear it to work! 
The fox detail on this jumper makes it fun and different too.

I had my hair up in a really messy, effortless looking bun.

I teamed it with black TopShop Leigh jeans and well, I put these black stilettos through their paces this week, because they came to work with me again today!

Next Post

So don't get me wrong I have enjoyed sharing this weeks outfits with you, but I hit Westfield (a huge shopping centre, for my non UK readers) and man did I shop! I am so excited to share with you what I bought!!
You may have to wait until Saturday as I'm out tomorrow evening, but it'll be worth the wait, I promise!

x x x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday 22nd September - Unsuccessful shopping but fabulous nails!!!

ARGH Sooooooo disappointed when I got to TopShop!!! In my last post I expressed how excited I was to buy this jumper.....

But the slits at the side of the jumper are sooooo unflattering, and make your hips look so much bigger than what they are!!! 

So with the money I saved on the jumper and knowing I've got a stressful week ahead at work I decided to go and get a manicure.

I'm incredibly happy with the result! Thank you Nikki! (contact @Nikkibeauty1)
I'd never been into Aroma Secrets before but for anyone who lives in or around Kingston that's thinking of having any beauty treatments, I highly recommend you go and see Nikki.

For my unsuccessful fashion but successful beauty shopping trip I went with a very casual look.

I teamed my newly bought TopShop jeans, with a whole load of H&M items, a black zip pocket Tee, a tartan dress worn undone, and my khaki jacket. 
For the walk by the river to and from town I wore my converse. 
Then I finished off with BIG hair and red lips.
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

x x x

Winter Wish List

First winter wish list ahhhhhhh so excited!!! I LOVE Winter fashion!!!


In the UK a good coat in the winter is a must have! And it seems Miss Selfridge have taken the leadi in the fab coat category this year.

All of the coats above are beautiful classic shapes but also remain on trend with either leather look sleeves, a faux fur trim and we're even seeing the aztec print (which was a key print this summer) trickle into this years winter wear.

1. TopShop - Love the colour, love the shape but sadly for me it's a little too long and would make me look about 4ft. If they made this in the Petite range I would be incredibly tempted to buy!!

2. NewLook - BARGAIN only £29.99 reduced from £39.99, I love the colour, this is great length for us girls 5ft 5 and under. The collar is gorgeous and the tied waist nips you in at the smallest part of the body creating a fab hourglass shape.

3. Oasis - The most expensive of the bunch at just under £100 but isn't it beautiful! I love this coat for very similar reasons as the NewLook coat but this one has an added touch of elegance and glamour.
Ah I love it!!!

4. RiverIsland - If you want to go bold with this years winter coat then this RiverIsland number is perfect. The vibrant orange is very unique, there tends to be lots of blue and red winter coats but rarely orange. The added zip detail also add a bit of edge...how brave are you feeling this year?


There's nothing better in winter than snuggling up in your favorite cozy knitwear and this year the high-street is pulling out all the stops for you.

It's nice to see that there are a lot of bright knits around this season. 
This orange jumper with leopard print detail and fabulous purple jumper with a leather look finish are my particular favorites. 

A knitted dress is also a great option that's super easy for the winter. 
The pink knitted dress has a gorgeous low V zip back detail, adding a little sassy feel to the dress. And the deep red V neck jumper dress is great for those who are top heavy, as this will elongate the neck line, lengthening out your shoulder/chest area. 

So if you read yesterdays post you'll have seen I was hoping I wouldn't be tempted to shop AGAIN whilst researching for my wish list...well I failed. 
I have every intention of walking into town later today and buying the 'great review' tagged grey top from TopShop and I'm kind of hoping RiverIsland don't have the blue cardi in store as I think there is a high possibility I will end up buying this too! ah!
 (This fashion blogging stuff is so not good for my bank balance!)

I am a sucker for pastels, they are so pretty and girlie. I think both of these RiverIsland knits are great ways of bringing a bit of summer through to winter. I especially like the blue jewel detail on the pink jumper. It's not however a jumper I'd buy as the shape would make me look like a sack of spuds (potatoes) as it is too boxy for a girl with curves.
The blue cardi however is perfect for us curvy girls, I would say it's best worn with something high-waisted underneath to highlight the waist, and show shape under the loose cardigan.

The first of the TopShop knits has had great views online and has the funky not frumpy baggy look to it...I'm so excited to get it today!!

Finally I totally missed out on a Christmas jumper last year and this is the first I've seen, so ladies if you like it and don't want to be Christmas jumpless this year, it may be worth snapping one up early! 
There's only 93 days to go!!!

x x x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A teeny bit of shopping....

To cheer myself up from this horrendous cold, I decided to treat myself...a few times ooops!
But hopefully you'll agree that my choices were pretty fabulous and totally necessary!!!

I'm not doing the save the best till last thing because this jumpsuit is too amazing not to show you first!

It arrived today and I am over the moon with it! How awesome is that print!!!
 It is my first ever purchase from MissGuided and I can not wait to wear it. It fits well around every curve!
I went up a size as I've heard MissGuided clothes can come up a little tight. It was the right thing to do as it fits with enough room to be comfortable but tight enough to create a lovely silhouette. 
I can not wait to share how I accessories it with you!!!

I actually got two jumpsuits from MissGuided and I'm just as happy with the second one.

A little more dressy than the first one (I was clearly trying to cling on to summer with that purchase!)
I absolutely love the colour of this jumpsuit, and I've been told navy and royal blue suits me so I'm sticking with it. 
I couldn't believe this was only £27.99 and it came with the belt!!

My next little treat came from RiverIsland where I popped into today. 

My waredrobe is lacking great tops and of the ones I do have they're all pretty plain so decided this top was a must.

The  leopard image on the front is gorgeous and the glossy finish of it means it can be dress up for a night out as well as being worn casually with jeans, winner!

The last of my buys was a basic, but quite often a tough item to find that your 100% happy with...
Luckily I have found the style of jeans I love so I don't even have to try them on any more. 
I head into TopShop get my 28W30L Leigh ankle grazer jeans and head to the counter...I LOVE THEM!

They didn't have them in my size in black so that's an online job for tonight!

Coming up next is my pay day wish list....will I be able to resist buying any thing else tonight whilst researching for this post!!!! ahhhhhh!!!

x x x

Today's Outfits - Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd September

My plan to get back into blogging has not gone as well as I'd hoped with the development of an incredibly horrible cold booo!

**Little complaint over now on with the clothes**


I teamed my newly purchased black with pleather collar H&M shirt, with my Primark lace-look trousers.
To add a touch of current trend, I wore leopard print pups for a clash in prints.
A really simple and easy way to add a touch of edge to a look.

Ok so there isn't much more you can see of the outfit in the picture, if I'm honest I've included it because I'm sooooo excited at how long my hair is getting!

My current hair product fave, which leaves your hair feeling fabulous is Elvive's Full Restore 5 60 Second treatment.
Literally leave it on for 60 seconds after shampooing and your hair is left feeling silky smooth. I've used the aussie treatments in the past and I actually prefer this one (just my opinion!)

(Please excuse the full of cold face)

To transform my recently bought grey dress from date night outfit to work attire I added a white shirt underneath to smarten it up, and thick black tights so it was office appropriate.
I have to say this outfit was super comfy and felt kinda cute, a great option for you girls out there who like me, like fashion but also like to feel comfortable at work.  

Fingers crossed this cold will be gone soon, becaise I've just got in from shopping and have some awesome buys I want to wear!!!
x x x

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Latest Outfits

So I must start this post with a massive apology! 
Work and to be honest my social life too has been rather darn busy of late and I've just not had time to get any posts written. But today that's going to change and I'll be posting much more regularly! 

My first post today is covering a few of my most recent outfits, then I'm going to start looking at what on offer on the high-street right now, as move into my favorite season for fashion...WINTER!!!!

A couple of weeks ago it was my amazing parents 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

Of course I am bias with it being my mum and all but I absolutely love her dress, I spoke to her about it recently and she was fortunate enough to have a dress maker on her side of the family who made this incredible dress. She wanted something simple but with a long train. 
I have always said (even before Kate got married to Will) I wanted a wedding dress with lace sleeves, and it looks like I got that taste from my mum. 

To celebrate their special day I took them to St Katherines's Dock in London. If ever you get the chance to go, do it! It is absolutely stunning!!!

We went to this gorgeous Pub on the dock for lunch (and a bottle of Prosecco of course)

It was a beautiful day in the city I love.

Another of my social occasions that have kept me from my blog was a trip to the cinema to see Elysium

A very good film actually, not really my kind of film, I'm much more of a chick flick, romcom, kinda girl, but this kept me engaged the whole way through. And lets be honest most films with Matt Damon have their perks ay ladies!

I wore this recently purchased grey dress, I wanted something loose and comfy but also something that didn't look like a sack on me. It was just £20 from a small concession I came across in a department store called Glamorous. The material is insanely soft, and cosy without being too thick and hot. It's also the type of materiel that wouldn't highlight sweat patches, which grey is the worst for!!!

I teamed the dress with this fabulous pink and gold necklace from TopShop, that I got on sale for only £5.50, bargain! 

To finish off the outfit I wore brown buckle shoe boots, a pair I've had for a good few years now, bought in NewLook but very rarely worn. I felt that black shoes with this dress were a little harsh for a Autumn afternoon (the weather had't quite turned to the miserable grey and rainy situation we've been experiencing this week!)

Since the weather has turned and temperature in our offices has plummeted in the same dramatic fashion, jumpers have been pulled out of winter packing and rehung in my closet, and this is the first worn. 

This burgundy woolly RiverIsland jumper with added fox detail is one of my winter faves. It's so warm and snuggling.
I teamed it with black skinny jeans and these super high brown and wool trim shoe boots.

It was a chilly day and with my 10 minute walk each way to and from the station flats must be worn for the journey, so I wore my converse, khaki jacket and multicolored (white and lots of green shades) scarf.

Stay tuned for some fab choices for this winter!!

x x x