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Saturday, 14 September 2013

My Latest Outfits

So I must start this post with a massive apology! 
Work and to be honest my social life too has been rather darn busy of late and I've just not had time to get any posts written. But today that's going to change and I'll be posting much more regularly! 

My first post today is covering a few of my most recent outfits, then I'm going to start looking at what on offer on the high-street right now, as move into my favorite season for fashion...WINTER!!!!

A couple of weeks ago it was my amazing parents 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

Of course I am bias with it being my mum and all but I absolutely love her dress, I spoke to her about it recently and she was fortunate enough to have a dress maker on her side of the family who made this incredible dress. She wanted something simple but with a long train. 
I have always said (even before Kate got married to Will) I wanted a wedding dress with lace sleeves, and it looks like I got that taste from my mum. 

To celebrate their special day I took them to St Katherines's Dock in London. If ever you get the chance to go, do it! It is absolutely stunning!!!

We went to this gorgeous Pub on the dock for lunch (and a bottle of Prosecco of course)

It was a beautiful day in the city I love.

Another of my social occasions that have kept me from my blog was a trip to the cinema to see Elysium

A very good film actually, not really my kind of film, I'm much more of a chick flick, romcom, kinda girl, but this kept me engaged the whole way through. And lets be honest most films with Matt Damon have their perks ay ladies!

I wore this recently purchased grey dress, I wanted something loose and comfy but also something that didn't look like a sack on me. It was just £20 from a small concession I came across in a department store called Glamorous. The material is insanely soft, and cosy without being too thick and hot. It's also the type of materiel that wouldn't highlight sweat patches, which grey is the worst for!!!

I teamed the dress with this fabulous pink and gold necklace from TopShop, that I got on sale for only £5.50, bargain! 

To finish off the outfit I wore brown buckle shoe boots, a pair I've had for a good few years now, bought in NewLook but very rarely worn. I felt that black shoes with this dress were a little harsh for a Autumn afternoon (the weather had't quite turned to the miserable grey and rainy situation we've been experiencing this week!)

Since the weather has turned and temperature in our offices has plummeted in the same dramatic fashion, jumpers have been pulled out of winter packing and rehung in my closet, and this is the first worn. 

This burgundy woolly RiverIsland jumper with added fox detail is one of my winter faves. It's so warm and snuggling.
I teamed it with black skinny jeans and these super high brown and wool trim shoe boots.

It was a chilly day and with my 10 minute walk each way to and from the station flats must be worn for the journey, so I wore my converse, khaki jacket and multicolored (white and lots of green shades) scarf.

Stay tuned for some fab choices for this winter!!

x x x

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