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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stunning Jewellery Discovery - LuLu Winter x

Recently I bought these two necklaces from H&M, I love them both and a have found myself wearing them a lot, however in wearing them so frequently the gold colour on the metal is already starting to fade after just a month. So despite being under £15 for both, I will have to look to replace them soon.

I've always been someone who prefers costume jewellery as I've found the items in jewelers quite limiting creatively....until I discovered LuLu Winter

Instead of buying another £3.99 necklace that would only last a month I found this gorgeous gold Snowflake necklace that I thought  it'd be worth investing in.

At £55.00 is is more expensive than the necklaces I'd usually buy, but I did a bit of math and if I bought a H&M necklace every month to replace the fading ones I love so much, I will have spent more than £55 in under a year. 
Like with a watch and a good pair of jeans if something is going to last a while, and your going to wear it often, it's worth investing in. 

As well as being really pretty another draw to this particular necklace was the meaning behind it...

LOVE this meaning - We're all unique and fabulous!

I've worn it lots already and will be wearing it (tomorrow actually so keep a look out) layered with longer necklaces too.

Other items I love from the MURU range  are:

£44.75 - Symbolising luck and good fortune.

£35.00 - Said to represent opportunity and empowerment for the wearer.

£75.00 - inspired by Native American culture and believed to trap negative energy and help you achieve your dreams.

LuLu Winter also have some fabulous items on offer, my particular favorites are these chunky statement bangle's

LuLu Winter is defiantly somewhere I'll be heading to find special Christmas presents, and will also be advising my loved ones to check it out for gifts for me.

Would love to know what you think of the Muru range and the other designers on the site!

x x x

Monday, 28 October 2013

I got the job! Need to get me a pink suit! Oh and my week in outfits x

If you've been reading my posts you'll know that I have been interviewing for a new role, and guys....
I GOT IT!!!!
As of the 18th November I'm going to be a legal assistant, which has given me a sudden urge to buy a pink suit....I can't think why....


*** My week in Outfits ***

Simple & Classic

I started last week with quite a simple outfit, to be honest my head was so in the clouds with the job thing fashion took a bit of a back seat.

I went for an all black outfit; skinny black TopShop jeans, a long loose black RiverIsland vest top (the length of this top key to this look, a top that stops just past the widest part of the thighs is most flattering) and pointed black stiletto's.
To add a touch of colour I wore this sheer burgundy jacket.
The flattering element to this Miss Selfridge piece being the design of the front drapes, which narrows the waist, creating a hourglass shape despite the outfit being loose.

Funky VIBE$

After a simple outfit start to the week I wanted to get a little more trendy.

I teamed my 'VIBE$' H&M tee with a NewLook pleather skater skirt, opaque black tights and wedge heels.


To finish off the look I added this TopShop pork pie hat (it's getting cold out there) and to break up the monochrome I wore my casual khaki H&M jacket.
I love how a hat and jacket can really easily give an outfit that extra little bit of edge.

Friday drinks for a friends birthday

I was feeling a little under the weather and generally ergh on Friday, so my outfit choice needed to be something easy to wear but also dressy to perk me up a little.

I teamed this beige RiverIsland high-waisted, dip hem skirt with a thin black belt, a black vest top, tights and super high heels.

This shirt is a incredibly flattering it's draws the eye to the narrowest part of the body and also creates a beautiful floaty line of material behind you as you walk.

Dinner and Cinema

Saturday night I was out for dinner and a movie, I wanted to created a cute but casual look.
I put together a cream lace H&M mini skirt, with a fitted light denim shirt and grey low heel ankle boot.

To accessories this almost boohoo chic outfit I carried my black studded and fringe Primark bag and wore this gold chain double ring. 

Also a little note re my nails, self painted in Maybelline forever strong pro deep red.
I love the brush of this range, it's so easy to apply.

Also I've noticed the condition of my nails have massively improved since I started using double duty by Sally Hansen.

Chill Out

My chill out outfit of choice, is this super easy to wear tartan shirt dress, converse and of course a pair of geeky Harry Potter glasses!!!

I spent a lot of Sunday chilling out at home and got to playing around with my hair.
Boy did this doo take me back...

I taught myself how to do french plaits as a teenager, I really want to learn how to do a fish tail braid, so if anyone has any tips please do let me know!!!

Now the interviewing has come to an end I promise I won't leave it so long until my next post.
Actually tomorrow keep a look out for info and items from an AMAZING jewelry web site I've discovered!!!

x x x   

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Girlie Night Out x

Some of you may be aware that soon I'm going to be starting a course the very strong medication Roaccutaine, for my skin, and because of the effect the drug has on liver function alcohol is not allowed whilst taking it.
So for my last weekend before starting the course me and my gorgeous friend Nat decided to have a very boozy girls night out.

I had intended on wearing my black, cream and red panel Zara dress but when I put it on it felt like it would look best with an up doo and I had already done my hair. So outfit change was needed.

I decided to wear this Miss Guided jumpsuit at just £27.99 is inexpensive and really easy to wear. 

The jumpsuit came with a gold and black belt, but I much preferred the clean line of the body without it.
Also being just 5ft 5 I think the belt cuts off and shortens the body, on someone taller the belt is a really funky accessory to add.  
I love looking at trends in fashion but for me the most important aspect is really knowing your body shape and working with it not against it.

To finish off the look I wore super high black court shoes, carried my big black bow Miss Selfridge bag and added gold tear shape earrings.

Ladies, love your shape and work it!!!

x x x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Glamour, Tartan and a few of my Outfits...

This week has been another week where by I've hardly spent any time at home so my apologies for the lack of Bex and the City updates.

The last time I wore this dress I had a number of the girls at work compliment it and ask where it's from.
It is a super soft material and so incredibly easy to wear. What attracted me to this dress is that although it is very loose and has no structure, it is shapely at the top, before transcending to a floaty hemline.
If this dress were loose from the top it would make me look like a sack of spuds, so curvy girls this is a good choice if you want an easy to wear, comfy dress (great is your going out for a big dinner!!)

I got this dress from a concession in a department store and have since discovered them online. 
Glamorous sells fashionable items at very affordable prices, this dress is just £23.00.

My £23.00 Glamorous dress in tartan and leopard print
It also comes in a number or colours and patters.

I took a look at what other dresses Glamorous have to offer and found a few little gem, and it seems Sam from TOWIE agrees.

(Click on the numbers below for links to the page)
1. Fantastically structured and cut out grey dress, perfect for a glam night out - £39.00 
2. As seen on this Wednesday episode of TOWIE Sam wears this burgundy and blue cut out skater dress beautifully - £42.00
3. Tartan is so in right now and if the floaty option above isn't for you perhaps this slimline tartan dress is for you? And only £18.00!!!

Quite often when you are buying from the low priced end of the high-street some times the fabric used isn't always the best, although the material used for my grey dress is fantastic., I'd advise buying items a dress size up. The fabric will be less stretched when you wear it and will be more flattering on the body.

I mentioned tartan, which is a HUGE print right now, but if you don't really like the tradition tartan print, there are so many fabulous variations on the high-street.

1. Orange and white tartan skirt from TopShop, if red isn't really your colour this is a wonderfully unique and bright tartan option - £38.00
2. Glamorous have really taken to the tartan trend, this long sleeve crop top would look great with both jeans and a leather skirt - £18.00
3. Another of the prints my grey dress comes in, I really love the colours in this tartan print they give it a bit of a festive feel, and it's a warm cozy dress too, perfect for Christmas - £23.00
4. These trousers are the same shape/style as my blue and yellow check, as I call them 'granddad pants'. They are super easy to wear and can be dressed up and dressed down, and now RiverIsland are doing them in tartan - £35.00
5. I absolutely love this black, white and grey tartan boyfriend coat, a great choice for Winter - now in the sale for just £40.00
6. This is my favorite item (I think I'm in a very girlie mood right now) the colours are so incredibly cute and being high-waisted it is super flattering - £25.00

This has been my tartan purchase this season, the two different tartan prints separates the top and skirt sections of the dress, and the shirt design makes it very easy to wear. 

Working in our offices up in the north west I wore my TopShop pocket dress, Principles black blazer, teamed with black tights and black wedges.

I finished off the week with my tiger top and new black Zara skort.

I am stupidly excited to be wearing a dress I bought months ago in Zara but haven't worn yet, tonight, stay tuned for pictures.

Have a fab weekend

x x x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Interview Outfit & Feeling a bit Potty


This is the Zara top I mentioned in my previous post, which I plan on wearing with my pink rose print skirt to my cousins Christening next month. I love this shade of blue and feel like it really compliments blonde hair, plus wearing it makes me feel super girly.

The great thing about separates is the number of really different looks you can create, from Christening to Interview, it's what you team it with that makes it work. 

The interview I had today was an internal interview and I work in a smart/casual kind of office, but even so for any interview you should smarten things up a little.

I teamed my pretty print top with my fail safe high-waisted Primark trousers and together I feel create a smart but also sweet look.

*1st round went well*
*I have a test tomorrow and if I pass I'm through to 2nd round*
**Wish me luck**

Feeling Potty

Now although separates do make for lots more options in your wardrobe, dresses can be accessories to create lots of different looks too.

60s Look

A splash of colour (and Elton John inspired sunnies)

All dressed up and summery
And I gave this blue V neck blue pocket dress from TopShop another revamp today.

I was a little poorly last night so today was all about feeling comfy.
This is a pretty easy to wear dress anyway and put together with my newly purchased soft baby blue h&m cari, black tights and pumps I was C...O...Z....Y sat at my desk today.

I was also feeling a little geeky this morning, and fully embracing such mood I wore these fabulous Harry Potter esque specks.
To complete the outfit, and because the temperature in the UK had plummeted I threw on my khaki jacket and pink/brown h&m scarf...4 degrees...brrrrrrrr!!!

Lots of Love


x x x

Monday, 7 October 2013

Feeling a little like a celeb...

My outfit appeared on the MSN homepage today...ahhhhhh....that totally classes me as a zzz list celeb, doesn't it???

The best highstreet style from WIWT girls (their words not mine)

All minor celeb jokes aside, I feel very honored to have been picked from all of the amazingly fashionable ladies on WIWT, it was many of them who inspired me to write this blog.

Last week I was on annual leave (during which I was far too productive, completing the first half of a performance coaching course)  and to finish it off on a high I took myself shopping....again....I actually have a problem!

I found some little gems in H&M on Sunday including this (hopefully) lucky wishbone necklace and really dainty and quite unusual 3 stone necklace. I also found this fun and comfy VIBE$ Tee in the sale (just £5), and this gorgeous baby blue, super fluffy cardi, totaling at under £30. Whoop!

On my way into town I got a call to confirm the date of my cousins christening...and the day I become a god mother...eeeeeeeek, so excited! 
Such a prestigious occasion is of course the perfect excuse, I mean reason to get a new outfit, right?

So I got this beautiful pastel pink flower print pencil skirt from RiverIsland.
 I like to think of it as being one step ahead of the spring/summer 14 collections, which according to Grazier's review of London fashion week, is going to be one of next seasons top 5 trends.

Unfortunately for my bank balance the shopping did not stop there, so I shall end this post, to be continued...

x x x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lazy day looks - Monday 30th September & Tuesday 1st October

So I have this week off work yaaaay (not that I don't love work because I do I just haven't had a week off since April so have very much been looking forward to it!)

I'm on a course Wednesday - Friday so the past two days have been total chill out days.


I spent most of the morning indoors waiting for a plummer and a TV installation guy to come by, so I utilised my afternoon with a quick shopping trip in town. 

I'm trying not to use heat devises on my hair as little as possible at the moment so I simply dried my hair and pinned back my fringe. 
My outfit was like my hair easy and laid back. Black jeans and vest, red converse and khaki jacket.
To stop myself feeling totally dull and boring I added in this awesome h&m satin scarf.

My shopping experience was slightly more exciting than my outfit though, I came away with a new bag (I've been looking for a replacement for my almost dead black sack bag for ages) and a gorgeous blue/turquoise necklace. 

(Pictures taken on my awesome London scene bedspread)

I like my everyday black bag to be pretty simple but also big enough to fit a lot in it.
Those who know me, know I carry most of my life around in my bag. There is always a pair of heels, a scarf, full make-up kit, umbrella and often a laptop, so it need to be spacious. 

I really like the ridging down the side of the bag and the subtle gold detail on the handles.
The best bit is it was only £19.99 from h&m!!!

My unplanned buy was this beautiful necklace, I found in the sale for...wait for it....£4.00!!!
Are you kidding me!
What a price.

This piece can brighten up a simple outfit and compliments so many other colours, I'd ever wear this with my pink floral jumpsuit from MissGuided featured a few posts ago.


For my second chill out day I went to my meet my mum at her work for lunch, and took my new necklace with me.

It brought some colour to an all black number, my leather look RiverIsland tee, black leigh TopShop jeans and NewLook slipper pumps.

My nails also gave this outfit a little pop of colour too. (Self painted)

This green Gelly Hi-Shine BarryM nail polish is such a fun colour and does genuinely dry with a shine. 

Again being conscious of not using heat on my hair, I put my hair up into a messy bun...it is my day off after all.

To complete the look I wore my leather jacket and this bright green, red, gold and black satin RiverIsland scarf.

I hope your having a fab week!

x x x