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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lazy day looks - Monday 30th September & Tuesday 1st October

So I have this week off work yaaaay (not that I don't love work because I do I just haven't had a week off since April so have very much been looking forward to it!)

I'm on a course Wednesday - Friday so the past two days have been total chill out days.


I spent most of the morning indoors waiting for a plummer and a TV installation guy to come by, so I utilised my afternoon with a quick shopping trip in town. 

I'm trying not to use heat devises on my hair as little as possible at the moment so I simply dried my hair and pinned back my fringe. 
My outfit was like my hair easy and laid back. Black jeans and vest, red converse and khaki jacket.
To stop myself feeling totally dull and boring I added in this awesome h&m satin scarf.

My shopping experience was slightly more exciting than my outfit though, I came away with a new bag (I've been looking for a replacement for my almost dead black sack bag for ages) and a gorgeous blue/turquoise necklace. 

(Pictures taken on my awesome London scene bedspread)

I like my everyday black bag to be pretty simple but also big enough to fit a lot in it.
Those who know me, know I carry most of my life around in my bag. There is always a pair of heels, a scarf, full make-up kit, umbrella and often a laptop, so it need to be spacious. 

I really like the ridging down the side of the bag and the subtle gold detail on the handles.
The best bit is it was only £19.99 from h&m!!!

My unplanned buy was this beautiful necklace, I found in the sale for...wait for it....£4.00!!!
Are you kidding me!
What a price.

This piece can brighten up a simple outfit and compliments so many other colours, I'd ever wear this with my pink floral jumpsuit from MissGuided featured a few posts ago.


For my second chill out day I went to my meet my mum at her work for lunch, and took my new necklace with me.

It brought some colour to an all black number, my leather look RiverIsland tee, black leigh TopShop jeans and NewLook slipper pumps.

My nails also gave this outfit a little pop of colour too. (Self painted)

This green Gelly Hi-Shine BarryM nail polish is such a fun colour and does genuinely dry with a shine. 

Again being conscious of not using heat on my hair, I put my hair up into a messy bun...it is my day off after all.

To complete the look I wore my leather jacket and this bright green, red, gold and black satin RiverIsland scarf.

I hope your having a fab week!

x x x

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