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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Girlie Night Out x

Some of you may be aware that soon I'm going to be starting a course the very strong medication Roaccutaine, for my skin, and because of the effect the drug has on liver function alcohol is not allowed whilst taking it.
So for my last weekend before starting the course me and my gorgeous friend Nat decided to have a very boozy girls night out.

I had intended on wearing my black, cream and red panel Zara dress but when I put it on it felt like it would look best with an up doo and I had already done my hair. So outfit change was needed.

I decided to wear this Miss Guided jumpsuit at just £27.99 is inexpensive and really easy to wear. 

The jumpsuit came with a gold and black belt, but I much preferred the clean line of the body without it.
Also being just 5ft 5 I think the belt cuts off and shortens the body, on someone taller the belt is a really funky accessory to add.  
I love looking at trends in fashion but for me the most important aspect is really knowing your body shape and working with it not against it.

To finish off the look I wore super high black court shoes, carried my big black bow Miss Selfridge bag and added gold tear shape earrings.

Ladies, love your shape and work it!!!

x x x


  1. Totally agree with you hunny, sometimes it's about what looks best than what you like, there is so many different body shapes, we can't all wear the same things! X

    1. Exactly!!! I sent so many years looking at friends and people in mags with TOTALLY different shapes to me and looking horrific.
      It's all about getting to know your own shape and how to work it best!
      Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!
      x x x

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