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About Me

Monday, 28 October 2013

I got the job! Need to get me a pink suit! Oh and my week in outfits x

If you've been reading my posts you'll know that I have been interviewing for a new role, and guys....
I GOT IT!!!!
As of the 18th November I'm going to be a legal assistant, which has given me a sudden urge to buy a pink suit....I can't think why....


*** My week in Outfits ***

Simple & Classic

I started last week with quite a simple outfit, to be honest my head was so in the clouds with the job thing fashion took a bit of a back seat.

I went for an all black outfit; skinny black TopShop jeans, a long loose black RiverIsland vest top (the length of this top key to this look, a top that stops just past the widest part of the thighs is most flattering) and pointed black stiletto's.
To add a touch of colour I wore this sheer burgundy jacket.
The flattering element to this Miss Selfridge piece being the design of the front drapes, which narrows the waist, creating a hourglass shape despite the outfit being loose.

Funky VIBE$

After a simple outfit start to the week I wanted to get a little more trendy.

I teamed my 'VIBE$' H&M tee with a NewLook pleather skater skirt, opaque black tights and wedge heels.


To finish off the look I added this TopShop pork pie hat (it's getting cold out there) and to break up the monochrome I wore my casual khaki H&M jacket.
I love how a hat and jacket can really easily give an outfit that extra little bit of edge.

Friday drinks for a friends birthday

I was feeling a little under the weather and generally ergh on Friday, so my outfit choice needed to be something easy to wear but also dressy to perk me up a little.

I teamed this beige RiverIsland high-waisted, dip hem skirt with a thin black belt, a black vest top, tights and super high heels.

This shirt is a incredibly flattering it's draws the eye to the narrowest part of the body and also creates a beautiful floaty line of material behind you as you walk.

Dinner and Cinema

Saturday night I was out for dinner and a movie, I wanted to created a cute but casual look.
I put together a cream lace H&M mini skirt, with a fitted light denim shirt and grey low heel ankle boot.

To accessories this almost boohoo chic outfit I carried my black studded and fringe Primark bag and wore this gold chain double ring. 

Also a little note re my nails, self painted in Maybelline forever strong pro deep red.
I love the brush of this range, it's so easy to apply.

Also I've noticed the condition of my nails have massively improved since I started using double duty by Sally Hansen.

Chill Out

My chill out outfit of choice, is this super easy to wear tartan shirt dress, converse and of course a pair of geeky Harry Potter glasses!!!

I spent a lot of Sunday chilling out at home and got to playing around with my hair.
Boy did this doo take me back...

I taught myself how to do french plaits as a teenager, I really want to learn how to do a fish tail braid, so if anyone has any tips please do let me know!!!

Now the interviewing has come to an end I promise I won't leave it so long until my next post.
Actually tomorrow keep a look out for info and items from an AMAZING jewelry web site I've discovered!!!

x x x   


  1. Hun get ready for a fortnight and I will not only show you how to fishtail braid, but I will let you practice on my long hair! Deal? Xxx

    1. OMG that's not even a deal that like Mrs Sale handing me an awesome offer and me saying YES PLEASE!!!! Not sure what you'll get from it, other than thank you thank you thank you :)

      x x x