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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stunning Jewellery Discovery - LuLu Winter x

Recently I bought these two necklaces from H&M, I love them both and a have found myself wearing them a lot, however in wearing them so frequently the gold colour on the metal is already starting to fade after just a month. So despite being under £15 for both, I will have to look to replace them soon.

I've always been someone who prefers costume jewellery as I've found the items in jewelers quite limiting creatively....until I discovered LuLu Winter

Instead of buying another £3.99 necklace that would only last a month I found this gorgeous gold Snowflake necklace that I thought  it'd be worth investing in.

At £55.00 is is more expensive than the necklaces I'd usually buy, but I did a bit of math and if I bought a H&M necklace every month to replace the fading ones I love so much, I will have spent more than £55 in under a year. 
Like with a watch and a good pair of jeans if something is going to last a while, and your going to wear it often, it's worth investing in. 

As well as being really pretty another draw to this particular necklace was the meaning behind it...

LOVE this meaning - We're all unique and fabulous!

I've worn it lots already and will be wearing it (tomorrow actually so keep a look out) layered with longer necklaces too.

Other items I love from the MURU range  are:

£44.75 - Symbolising luck and good fortune.

£35.00 - Said to represent opportunity and empowerment for the wearer.

£75.00 - inspired by Native American culture and believed to trap negative energy and help you achieve your dreams.

LuLu Winter also have some fabulous items on offer, my particular favorites are these chunky statement bangle's

LuLu Winter is defiantly somewhere I'll be heading to find special Christmas presents, and will also be advising my loved ones to check it out for gifts for me.

Would love to know what you think of the Muru range and the other designers on the site!

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  1. Really love your necklace looks so lovely :)) Xxx

    1. Thanks hun! You should definitely check out their site (I promise I'm not on commission or anything lol!) The Muru range is gorgeous x x x