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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Daily Facial Routine when on Acctane

So some of you may know from older posts that I've suffered with acne since the age of 13.
I'm now 5 weeks into my accutane treatment and it's going really well!

I am on the lowest dosage because the dermatologist was concerned about my cholesterol (high cholesterol runs in the family dam it) and my white blood cell count is quite low which is causing tiredness., but I'm seeing positive effects already.

After the first 2 weeks all my spots have gone, I'm getting a few dry patches on my face and my lips are dry but other than that my skin is looking the best it has in years! YAY!

One thing I am so glad I have maintained over the years, despite the spots, is a very good daily facial routine.
This has meant I have no scars from the acne and once the spots have disappeared my skin is in great condition. 

Step 1
Face Wash/Cleanser

Always use a facial wash!!! 
You may think your face wipe is taking off all of your make up, but use a cotton pad with a bit of toner on it after using your face wipe and you'll see there is still a lot of foundation//daily build up of dirt left on your skin.

I use the Garnier Pure Foam Wash. 
It has a gel like texture, foams up really well and leaves the skin feeling really fresh.

I've also been give this face wash by the dermatologist on prescription, it is an incredibly moisturising cream face wash, used to help with the dryness accutane causes.

Step 2

Usually every other day, but at the moment to remove the dry skin I have due to the medication I'm lightly exfoliating everyday. 
This 3 in 1 Wash Mask from Garnier is great.
You can use it as a light exfoliating daily wash, a exfoliating scrub and also a face mask.

Removing the dead skin on the face, keeps the skin looking fresh and also means foundation doesn't become flaky because of dead skin.

Step 3

There are lots of articles out there about why you should or shouldn't use toners, I am by no means a skin expert so I'd say have a read around to see what's right for you.

I use the bodyshop seaweed clarifying toner. It leaves my skin feeling a little tightened (in a nice way), it removetraces of cleanser, make-up and impurities and prepares my skin for moisturising.

I'd recommend this to anyone who like a natural toner that doesn't feel too harsh like some can.

Step 4

Now for a lot of people using coco butter on your face will leave it feeling far too oily, but with incredibly dry skin at the moment, this is my savior! 

If anyone is on accutane or is thinking of going to the doctor about their skin and wants to ask questions please feel free to!

x x x

My Latest 5 Favourite Outfits

Forgive me for my lack of love to BATC over the past couple of weeks, I've started my new role as Legal assistant, qualified as a performance coach and started accutane for my skin which is leaving me feeling incredibly sleepy...all the time. (She writes thinking I'm going to have a power nap after writing this post - love a random Thursday off work!)

I have however kept fashion in mind whilst going through these three big changes/experiences and here's what I've been wearing.

Outfit 1

Before the weather turned to freeeezing in the UK (because this outfit wouldn't look right with tights, which is must with the weather now) I took the opportunity to team my grey swing dress from Glamorous with these light brown slouch knee high boots.

These boots were bought a couple of years ago but NewLook are currently selling some very similar for just£39.99

NewLook Light Brown Slouch Boots
(Click image for link)
Grey Glamorous Swing Dress
(Click image for link)

To pull the outfit and the brown and grey colour scheme together added my Laura Ashley wood, shell and black ribbon necklace

Outfit 2

Feeling a little preppy I teamed my oversized white MissGuided shirt with electric blue H&M Jeans, finished off with this satin black ribbon tie. 

All of these pieces were bought a while ago, so I've been on a search for stores which similar items at the moment.

EAST Oversized White Shirt
(Click image for link)
ASOS Electric Blue Skinny Jeans
(Click image for link)

Outfit 3

Being out of the office on my coaching course I could get a little more fun with my outfits.
For one of the days I put together my dungarees (I think I will still be trying to rock these when I'm 70 I LOVE them!) with my RiverIsland leather look black tee and black pointed stilettos. 

To add a little colour and for the practical reason of it being SO COLD outside I wore this H&M wool hat and finished the outfit off with a touch of gold with this snowflake Muru necklace.

All of this outfit, other than the necklace is pretty old but here are similar items on the high-street now.

Outfit 4 

So I was incredibly lucky to win 17 hair styling products from the new THX range exclusive to Tesco's, through a video blog competition they ran. 

(Click image for link)
The first of the tool I used was the THX Deep Barrel Waver...and ladies (I promise I'm not getting paid to say this) they are AMAZING!!!

This hair doo took me literally 15 minutes, the waves are loose and relaxed for a effortless wavy look.

I teamed my waves with this lime green H&M jumper, layered with a long cream shirt, black skinny TopShop jeans and black pointed stilettos. 

Outfit 5

My final outfit of this post is my favorite and everything but the blazer and necklace is Primark!!!
I love the quilted texture of this crisp white tee and the patchwork detail of the boyfriend jeans.
Being just 5ft 5 I rolled up the jeans showing a little ankle for a slimming effect, by showing the smallest part of the leg.
For a casual Friday office look I added my black principle blazer for a funky smart/casual finish.

I accessoried the outfit with a simple gold band Oasis necklace (they do have ones similar in Primark right now) and black pointed stilettos, also from Primark. I haven't seen any like these in store at the moment, but re visit outfit 3 for some similar from NewLook. 

Would love to know which outfit is your fave?

x x x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bootcuts are Back...

...and Jessica Alba agrees with me!!

The skinny jean came in and knocked bootcut/flares out of the park for a while but they are on a come back and I'm liking it!
Looking at the 4 styles above you can see how bootcut jeans can be worn super cas with a jumper and scarf, smartened up with a blazer and also sassed up with a low cut V shirt.

I love the look so much I'm jumping on the bandwagon too! 

I have had these jeans for years, well actually they were bought at really bad timing, just as the skinny jean was making it's entrance into the fashion world.
However this does mean they are in fantastic condition, the dark blue colour has not faded and the fit is still great. 

Bootcut jeans are incredibly flattering, the wide bottom almost creates an illusion of a much slimmer leg line before the jean flares out. 

I accessoried my outfit with tan shoeboots from NewLook and my brown H&M shoulder bag (both from a while ago)

I teamed the bootcut jeans with my newly purchased mustard color chiffon top from Joy and accessorised it further with my long gold and red pendent necklace, also from Joy, layered with my snowflake pendant Muru necklace. 

To finish the outfit off I added some circular gold earrings and gold ethnic inspired bangles.

Will you be beaming in bootcuts this winter?

x x x

Monday, 11 November 2013

x Getting my Gingham on x

I got these TopShop high-waisted gingham print jeans the day they came into store, and I love them!

They are super comfy and being high-waisted you don't have to hoik them up like when you stand from sitting in skinny jeans (girls you know what I mean) 

Today I teamed then with my patent pointed heels, and a dirty lime green H&M jumper, recently bought for £14.00. (Not available in this colour online but available in others)

Although I would love to as I think it would look awesome, I wouldn't wear these jean with a crop tee just yet.
 But I am getting myself back into shape, once my abs feel rock solid again I'll be very excited about wearing these with a fun crop top.

I finished the look of with this fabulous statement necklace, and just £3.00 from Primark!!!!

x x x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Top High Street Picks


I bought the gingham print high-waisted jeans today, they had just come into store and I love them, they fit so nicely. Also being high-waisted you can wear a crop top and avoid showing any mid-drift if that's an area of your body you like to keep covered. I plan on wearing them to work tomorrow with a dirty lime jumper I got from H&M so stay tuned!!


Oh where to start I love all of these pieces!
I can't believe the leopard print dress is only £25.99 it is gorgeous, also a little sassy too with the lace trim, but remains tasteful with it's loose but structured shape. 


I know we're well into winter but heading out into a bright crisp day today I realised I'm a little bored of all my sun glasses and then I came across these. Grey tortoise shell, large round sunnies, love them!!


Black aztec print crop tee (£12.99)

I am very tempted to head onto the MissGuided website right now to purchase both the pvc look midi skirt and the oversized cream jumper. 
The length and skater shape of this skirt keeps it looking funky not trashy (which is a high risk with pvc). 
The cream cowl neck jumper is cozy, cute and winter wonderful all wrapped in one.
Fun Combos

x x x

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Today I am the most incredibly proud daughter, my mum has graduated from university!!! 
It was so lovely to spend a day focusing on the success and hard work of the amazing woman who has always been there to help, advise, love and celebrate with me. 
Mum you are an inspiration!

For the ceremony I teamed my cream lace a chiffon RiverIsland dress

with this single button black Principle blazer.

It's getting pretty chilly outside now and so I wrapped up in my Sainsbury's (YES Sainsburys) coat.
I love the elegance and the silhouette this coat creates when it's done up and all you can see is black tights and black shoes. 
Then there a very simple injection of colour coming from the faux fur and gold buckles.

*** Top Tips for Graduates ***

1. If you're going to wear a dress or a skirt don't go too short, leave your mini dress for the post graduation night out. This is a special ceremony, wear a tasteful nearly knee length or midi skirt/dress.

2. Consider the colours of your university's gowns, the last thing you want to do is wear a red dress and the colours of your university are a clashing orange or green.

3. Wear heels that you can walk in. Although the girls today looked lovely, some of them were a little ambitious with the height/style of their shoes.

To everyone graduating this year


x x x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Gramps Pants and Cutout Shirt

After two days of loose and floaty clothes, it was time to get a little structure back in my world.

I teamed my gramps RiverIsland trousers with this fab RiverIsland white cutout shirt.

These amazing gramps pants (as I've named them as they remind me of grandad pj's) come in both blue and pink tones, both equally fabulous.

The last couple of times I've worn these trousers I've worn black shoes, but in keeping with my previous post I got my bright pink suede Aldo high heels out to play. 

These are from a while ago but NewLook have some in very similar (on ASOS)

If you've read my posts before you will have heard me moan about my walk to and from the station when travelling to work, and these heels are far too fabulous to endure such a mission.

So to and from the office I teamed my gramps pants and shirt attire with white converse and a leather jacket. 

How do you think I've worn these gramps pants best???

x x x

Monday, 4 November 2013

x Winter Brightness x

I have decided I'm not going to be joining in the dull and gloom of the cold dark winter this year, I have consciously decided to make this winter a bright one.

Winter Brightness 1

Having got myself an exciting new role (which I start November 18th) I thought it is only right I treat myself to a fab new outfit.
Unfortunately for my bank balance I have discovered the Joy store at Clapham Junction train station, meaning I can shop on my way to and from work ah!!

In Joy I found both these green/turquoise shorts and mustard shirt.  

Usually I wouldn't wear a baggy top and loose shorts together as it does nothing for my shape.
However as the shirt is V shape, lengthening the neck and they are quite short shorts, which elongates the legs, despite lack of structure it is flattering all the same.

I also got this long chain gold and red necklace from Joy. At just £8.00 it's an inexpensive way to add another dash of colour to an already fun and bright outfit.
I think necklaces look great layered up, and it gave me another way of wearing my favorite accessory right now - my Muru snowflake necklace.

Winter Brightness 2

I feel like a very very lucky lady wearing this dress. One of my wonderful colleagues bought this from Cos but decided it wasn't for her and kindly gave it to me.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the colour, it's perfect for winter with it's long sleeves, and the material is quite thick so nice and warm too.

And the knot in the bottom left corner of the dress adds fabulous details making it quite unique.

For work I wore this dress with my light brown knee high boots, it's far too cold to be going full on bare legs.
The length of this dress is perfect, its appropriate for work wear but could also be dressed up with super high-heels (watch this space)

To finish the outfit off, I put on a plumb lipstick and added my two wonderful necklaces (I think I have a little bit of an obsession right now)

How are you keeping this winter bright and fun?

x x x