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About Me

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Today I am the most incredibly proud daughter, my mum has graduated from university!!! 
It was so lovely to spend a day focusing on the success and hard work of the amazing woman who has always been there to help, advise, love and celebrate with me. 
Mum you are an inspiration!

For the ceremony I teamed my cream lace a chiffon RiverIsland dress

with this single button black Principle blazer.

It's getting pretty chilly outside now and so I wrapped up in my Sainsbury's (YES Sainsburys) coat.
I love the elegance and the silhouette this coat creates when it's done up and all you can see is black tights and black shoes. 
Then there a very simple injection of colour coming from the faux fur and gold buckles.

*** Top Tips for Graduates ***

1. If you're going to wear a dress or a skirt don't go too short, leave your mini dress for the post graduation night out. This is a special ceremony, wear a tasteful nearly knee length or midi skirt/dress.

2. Consider the colours of your university's gowns, the last thing you want to do is wear a red dress and the colours of your university are a clashing orange or green.

3. Wear heels that you can walk in. Although the girls today looked lovely, some of them were a little ambitious with the height/style of their shoes.

To everyone graduating this year


x x x


  1. Love your outfit :)
    I made sure I wore sensible shoes to mine, and a black and white dress so I didn't clash with the red and blue on my gown!
    pretty eclectic

    1. Aw thanks hun!
      Me too, well a grey suit dress and white shirt, but you can't go wrong if you stick to the white to black colour palette
      x x x