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Monday, 4 November 2013

x Winter Brightness x

I have decided I'm not going to be joining in the dull and gloom of the cold dark winter this year, I have consciously decided to make this winter a bright one.

Winter Brightness 1

Having got myself an exciting new role (which I start November 18th) I thought it is only right I treat myself to a fab new outfit.
Unfortunately for my bank balance I have discovered the Joy store at Clapham Junction train station, meaning I can shop on my way to and from work ah!!

In Joy I found both these green/turquoise shorts and mustard shirt.  

Usually I wouldn't wear a baggy top and loose shorts together as it does nothing for my shape.
However as the shirt is V shape, lengthening the neck and they are quite short shorts, which elongates the legs, despite lack of structure it is flattering all the same.

I also got this long chain gold and red necklace from Joy. At just £8.00 it's an inexpensive way to add another dash of colour to an already fun and bright outfit.
I think necklaces look great layered up, and it gave me another way of wearing my favorite accessory right now - my Muru snowflake necklace.

Winter Brightness 2

I feel like a very very lucky lady wearing this dress. One of my wonderful colleagues bought this from Cos but decided it wasn't for her and kindly gave it to me.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the colour, it's perfect for winter with it's long sleeves, and the material is quite thick so nice and warm too.

And the knot in the bottom left corner of the dress adds fabulous details making it quite unique.

For work I wore this dress with my light brown knee high boots, it's far too cold to be going full on bare legs.
The length of this dress is perfect, its appropriate for work wear but could also be dressed up with super high-heels (watch this space)

To finish the outfit off, I put on a plumb lipstick and added my two wonderful necklaces (I think I have a little bit of an obsession right now)

How are you keeping this winter bright and fun?

x x x

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