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Monday, 30 December 2013

My Faves from 2013

Where has this year gone! It feels like only yesterday I started this blog (My first post was in April 2013)
To finish up the year I thought I'd take a look through all of my outfits and pick my favorite (or favorite few) from each month. 
It also feels like a good time to say to everyone who reads/follows/comments on Bex and the City, I really love creating each post (I didn't want to say love writing the posts as I am quite a minimalist with words, I'm much more of a visual person) and your interest/support means so much.

I hope you enjoy looking back through what I think are my fashion best bits this year, and bring on 2014!!!


x x x

Thursday, 26 December 2013

***Festive Fever***

This festive season has been a fabulously busy one!

***Pre Christmas work events*** 

It all started off with a black tie event in Battersea.

The venue was stunning!

The champers was flowing!!!

And the food was delicious 

For this event I brought out my 'Angelina' dress (I had the dress before her!!!) I love this TopShop dress (sorry ladies I bought it a couple of years ago) it is a show stopper that is also very covered up other than the one leg on show.


The following night was my works Christmas party at Sway Bar in London 


It was a brill night, my flatmate and I danced until we physically couldn't walk, and they had a photo booth like last year, so our fridge now has 2 lots of Christmas party silliness.

To this years Christmas doo I wore my fail safe red Amy Childs dress

This red dress feels as though it has a hold me in middle attached, which makes for a great silhouette.

***Christmas Eve***

Christmas Eve was spent with family, and I decided to d├ębut my new Shoes....I LOVE THEM!!!

I got these in the Pre Christmas Sale at RiverIsland, reduced from £35.00 down to £17.00, and they are sooooooo comfy!!! (I tried to find them online to give you all the link but it doesn't look like they're online sorry!)

I wore my new shoes with my Zara skort and RiverIsland tiger print tee.
I finished off the outfit with two necklaces. 

***Christmas Day***

I hope you all had an AMAZING day! I defiently did, I'm actually writing this post on my new mini laptop I got from Santa.

I originally got an IPad for Christmas (this is how I first received the IPad...Mum and Santa thought it would be funny....eye - pad)

Once I received the actual device I found it reeeeeally difficult to blog on and so after numerous attempts I exchanged it this morning for this laptop which I'm loving!

I really like to get dressed up on Christmas Day, and this year was no different.

I saw this skirt in RiverIsland and I went into the store about 4 times before I bought it, I couldn't get my head round whether I thought it was FABULOUS or totally grandma.
After much deliberation I feel like I made the right choice as I LOVE it!
PS And I'm only telling you think because I like you...even though I paid full price its only £15.00 in the sale!!!!!
I also made sure I wore a top that would take it away from a granny look, so I teamed it with this wet look black tee, also RiverIsland.
This one is no longer in stores but there is one very similar, also in the sale.

To carry the gold tones through from the skirt I wore this gorgeous multi tone statement necklace from Celliana Jewellery now in the sale for just £9.00.

To complete the outfit I wore pointed black heels, I waved my hair with the THX deep barrel wavers and added a touch of colour with No01 Lipstick from the Kate Moss range at Rimmel.


x x x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I previously published a post dedicated to the amazing charity day that is 'Save the Children's, Christmas Jumper Day'. And I thought it'd be fun to share with you how the people I work with rocked it on Friday...

The GORGEOUS Girls on 5th

The FABULOUS Folks of 6th

And my £10.00 Primarni contribution to the day...

The 'Making Life Better with a Sweater' campaign raises money for a great cause and if you want to contribute there is still time, just go to...

x x x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

***Clothes Show Live*** (Part 2)

So although the choice of clothes to buy at the Clothes Show Live was pretty limited (in my opinion) I did find a few fab pieces.

I'd not heard of Bill and Mar until Poppy introduced me to it, and it seems I've been a step behind the celebs in discovering the brand.

From the range they had at the clothes show I chose this unusual leather look and chiffon white shirt.

Not a shirt I could wear to work with it's totally see through back, but a great piece when your in the mood for dressing a little funky on a night out.

Here I've teamed the Bill and Mar shirt with my black and white TopShop leigh jeans, and added a splash of colour in these bright red Primark stilettos.
When the weather warms up a little I can't wait to wear it with my black Zara skort.

The second of my purchases was from Caggie Dunlops range ISWAI

As worn by Caggie herself, this gorgeous hand printed silk purple top.

I absolutely love the print, the gorgeous material and the way it hangs. 

Now onto item 3, this wasn't from any particular brand and I'm sure I could pop along to Camden market and pick one of these up but I haven't had the time too, either way I have wanted a Jack Daniels tee for ages, and yay I've got one!

My last stop for clothes was Noisy May and part of the Vero Moda group. 
Two of the items were pretty basic - a black pencil skirt and simple grey dress...not particularly blog worthy but basics worth having.

The 3rd item is this black 3/4 length sleeve dip hem tee. The part of the tee I fell in love with was the back. It isn't overly clear from this picture but there is a see-through cross on the back. 

I teamed this top with black skinny jeans, grey boots and accessorised the look with these lovely little bracelets from Celliana - only £8.00!!!

My overall review is that I am unlikely to go to the Clothes Show Live again, unless I were to win spending money...because I found some great hidden gems, got to treat myself to some ray-bans and spend a lovely weekend with my wonderful friend Nat, but I wouldn't go to spend my own money. 

The ranges were limited and at least 50% of the stalls were very disappointing.  The Clothes Show would be amazing if it were to show case more up and coming designers. 

x x x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

***CLOTHES SHOW LIVE*** (Part 1)

What I Wore

Excited about going to the Clothes Show Live at the Birmingham NEC I thought I'd break out my RiverIsland chain headband for it's second appearance. 
I wore it on holiday but haven't had an opportunity to wear it since, so I embraced this one.

When I wore it with my hair down it often moved and I had to keep adjusting it, which I didn't want to be doing when I was focusing on shopping. 
So I fixed the hair piece in under my donut.

To achieve this look I used the items below.

Step 1: Tie your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Place the hair jewellery piece into place and secure the black elastic part of the head band, close to the ponytail with a kirby grip each side. (This ensures the grips are hidden once the donut is in place)

Step 3: Place the ponytail through the donut, evenly spread your hair over the donut, covering all of it, and secure with the second hair band. 

Step 4: Tuck in all excess hair under the donut and fix with kirby grips.

I got my headband a while ago but here is a precious piece currently on ASOS, and only £12.00! 

(Click image for link)


What I thought

I had never been to the Clothes Show Live, so was incredibly excited. Even more so because I'd won £500 in the WIWT Echo Falls competition to spend at the event.

Here are my thoughts on the show by category,


The word that springs to mind is underwhelmed or even disappointed. 
Other than a few hidden gems, a lot of the clothes were poor quality, terrible replicas of designer clothes or market stall trash.

The brands I discovered that saved the day for me where I bought some lovely items were:


There were some great offers on some great quality brands, inc. 

Buying beauty products at the show was a little limited with most of the stalls only selling gift sets, however this close to Christmas, I was happy to purchase a few!


Where the Clothes Show Live really brought it home for me was in the accessories department.
I found some amazing items, a lot of them from...


(Some of) What I Bought

You'll understand from the images below why I fell in love with the gorgeous jewellery from Celliana.

Of all of these fabulously sparkly things below are the 4 I took home.

Top Right - Red Stone, Wing Earrings - £12.00

And I wore the earrings to work this week.
As they make quite a statement I wore a very simple black outfit, black shirt, skinny jeans and stiletto shoes. 

I added a red lip and wore an up doo to really show off the earrings.

Stay tuned over the weekend for the rest of my Clothes Show Live purchases
(Well not all of them, some of them are gifts!!)

x x x