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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

***CLOTHES SHOW LIVE*** (Part 1)

What I Wore

Excited about going to the Clothes Show Live at the Birmingham NEC I thought I'd break out my RiverIsland chain headband for it's second appearance. 
I wore it on holiday but haven't had an opportunity to wear it since, so I embraced this one.

When I wore it with my hair down it often moved and I had to keep adjusting it, which I didn't want to be doing when I was focusing on shopping. 
So I fixed the hair piece in under my donut.

To achieve this look I used the items below.

Step 1: Tie your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Place the hair jewellery piece into place and secure the black elastic part of the head band, close to the ponytail with a kirby grip each side. (This ensures the grips are hidden once the donut is in place)

Step 3: Place the ponytail through the donut, evenly spread your hair over the donut, covering all of it, and secure with the second hair band. 

Step 4: Tuck in all excess hair under the donut and fix with kirby grips.

I got my headband a while ago but here is a precious piece currently on ASOS, and only £12.00! 

(Click image for link)


What I thought

I had never been to the Clothes Show Live, so was incredibly excited. Even more so because I'd won £500 in the WIWT Echo Falls competition to spend at the event.

Here are my thoughts on the show by category,


The word that springs to mind is underwhelmed or even disappointed. 
Other than a few hidden gems, a lot of the clothes were poor quality, terrible replicas of designer clothes or market stall trash.

The brands I discovered that saved the day for me where I bought some lovely items were:


There were some great offers on some great quality brands, inc. 

Buying beauty products at the show was a little limited with most of the stalls only selling gift sets, however this close to Christmas, I was happy to purchase a few!


Where the Clothes Show Live really brought it home for me was in the accessories department.
I found some amazing items, a lot of them from...


(Some of) What I Bought

You'll understand from the images below why I fell in love with the gorgeous jewellery from Celliana.

Of all of these fabulously sparkly things below are the 4 I took home.

Top Right - Red Stone, Wing Earrings - £12.00

And I wore the earrings to work this week.
As they make quite a statement I wore a very simple black outfit, black shirt, skinny jeans and stiletto shoes. 

I added a red lip and wore an up doo to really show off the earrings.

Stay tuned over the weekend for the rest of my Clothes Show Live purchases
(Well not all of them, some of them are gifts!!)

x x x

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