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Monday, 13 January 2014

Dedication to shrinking ma butt (on a budget!)

I mentioned in my previous post that getting fit and healthy was one of my New Years resolutions, as it is most people I know and as it is for me most years....but this year, I'm serious!!!

I also thought it might be helpful for any of you who like me are saving, to see that you don't need a gym membership to reach your fitness goals!

I lost 4 pounds in my first 10 days on my health kick and I feel like I have tones of energy too!

Workout method 1

I've been running for years and when I first started I literally jogged for 10 minutes and thought I was going to pass out. If your thinking about taking up running do start will short 10 minute jogs and build it up from there.
I'm currently running 5k 3-5 times a week. For me its a great stress relief, and a way to escape.
The key to keeping going, even when the rain is hammering down, is a great sound track!!!

Workout 2
The Tracy Anderson Method 

I got this DVD from HMV for just £4.99!!!
For those of you who don't like jumping around, who live in a flat like me where high impact workouts aren't an option (unless you don't like your neighbours hehe...I'm not condoning it though!) and if you don't want to build muscles this DVD is perfect.
It's great because I can fit a session in before work without waking anyone up...that is if I can wake up.

Workout 3
Yoga for Weight Loss by Kisen

I also got this DVD from HMV, for £9.99, but I've seen it on Amazon cheaper, I'm just impatient.
I tried out this DVD for the first time on Saturday, and I really enjoyed it. Again it is perfect if you live in a flat or want to workout in your bedroom.
I am the worst for skipping the cooling down and post work of stretch that I know I'm supposed to do. I'm a qualified fitness instructor and studied biology, I should know better!! So this is a great way to really stretch out my ridiculously tight muscles and get a workout too. Plus there is an awesome relaxation session at the end of the DVD.

I promise there will be fashion features coming soon, oooo a keep a look out for an interview I have planned with a gorgeous male model about his views on the fashion industry, his style tips and style crushes ;)

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  1. I completely agree. Workout DVDs are the best and are much more convenient than going to the gym. One of my favorites is the Kristi Yamaguchi Power Workout. It's a lot of fun, works EVERYTHING, and you can do it in your living room :)

    1. Hey Lauren! Thanks so much for the tip I'll check out Kristi's DVD!! I think having a few will stop me getting board so if you have any more recommendations I'd love to know them!
      x x x