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Friday, 17 January 2014

INTRODUCING *Cover Flatter Flaunt*

The fashion industry is huge, there are so many places to shop and get style inspiration, but how to know what trends, shapes and styles work for you?
It's question I'd like to think I can answer for my own body shape because I've been dressing it for 26 years, but other body shapes I could only guess.
With this in mind I'd like to introduce the first in a series of interview style posts called 
***Cover Flatter Flaunt***

I'll be interviewing bloggers, sports women, models, women in the fashion industry and fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes. They'll open up about their body hang ups, how they cover and flatter those areas, and celebrate their best bits and how they flaunt them.

My first guest is the sensational Monika aka High_Maintenance on wiwt

Tell me a little about you...

I'm not a blogger, I just have a passion for clothes. I would say that I'm quite classic on my tastes, I like to be fashionable but am not a slave to the trends. For example, I love tartan and it's quite a big trend at the moment but I don't have any tartan pieces as it reminds me of when I was at university 20 years ago!!!! At 42, I think it's important to dress in styles that suit me and that I'm comfortable in, that doesn't mean I need to be frightened of new styles but learn to make it more me, normally with accessories!! 

How would you describe your body shape?

Image from www.lockyep.blogspot.co.uk

My body type is rectangle, I'm have a petite frame and am only 5ft tall, I'm a size 8 with not much of a defined waist it's 26", slim hips 32", and a 30E bust.
I keep fit by going to the gym 3-4 times per week to weight-train.

What are your problem/least favourite areas?

I've had three kids, all of which were c-sections so my tummy is reasonably flat but not as firm and smooth as when I was younger.  Without scaring all you and going into too much detail, I just find certain clothes don't flatter such as low-rise jeans that create an unsightly muffin top!! I also avoid bodycon dresses in thin fabrics. 

Cover - How do you cover your problem/lest favourite areas?
I wear skinny mid-rise jeans, I've only recently started wearing jeans as I couldn't find a pair to fit correctly. As my waist measures 26" to 26.5" I would get 26" waisted jeans, but they are in fact too big! 
When buying jeans buy ones that are a size smaller than your actual size, yes when you first put them on and button them up they feel too tight, but give it 10-15mins and the jeans will give a little and feel more comfortable. My favourite brand of skinny jeans is Nudie and Levis demi-curve that are both mid-waisted so my c-section scar is hidden.

Levis Denim Curve Skinny

Flatter - What styles do you wear to flatter your problem/least favourite areas?
In order to create definition around the waist, I wear a wide belt (but not too wide) around a loose tunic style dress, or a slim belt with a tailored dress. I look for waist bands on dresses to give the illusion of a smaller waist. I particularly like full skirts with added linings for poofiness, also skater dresses work well too. I like to wear midi-skirts, the fullness of the skirt balanced by a fitted top gives me a smaller waist.

 TopShop Skater Dress
Love this TopShop skater dress!!

Now lets get positive, what are your favourite areas? 
I have slim legs which are toned (that can be attributed to doing squats with some heavy weights and running!!) 

Flaunt - What do you wear to flaunt your best bits?
I like to wear wool tailored shorts with opaque tights & heels. It shows off my legs without being too overpowering. Something that you can wear to the office.
 I don't mean tiny shorts that show buttocks!!! 
As I'm petite, I often wear short dresses & skirts, tend to be mid-thigh rather than buttock skimming!!

What is your go to piece/shape that always words for you?
A tailored dress works for me every time. I love the double cloth styles by Karen Millen that give you a structured shape that's very slimming. 
Usually with a high neckline, as I have a big bust I prefer to keep if covered up, otherwise all you see is cleavage. 

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
My favourite item in my wardrobe is a leopard print midi pencil dress by Red Valentino, I bought it in the sale just love the thick fabric, something very opulent about it. Its has a vintage hollywood glamour feel about it.

 Similar - ASOS Animal Print Dress
Similar ASOS dress

What is your favourite accessory that you own?
A chunky silver necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane, it's unusual and makes an outfit by adding to simple dress.

 Kenneth Jay Lane - Chunky Silver Necklace
Similar Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

What is your Style Mantra?
Whatever you wear it has to suit you and you need to be comfortable in it. 

For example, sometimes you see celebrities that have been over styled, leather dresses are a big trend at the moment, they look fabulous on Rihanna but on someone like Eva Longoria it looks like she's trying too hard. 
I recently bought a chartreuse skater dress in scuba fabric. I like bright colours but I was unsure about all that 'lime', however I added a scarf that was printed with different shades of blue/grey and lime patches, it worked really well, it helped to tone down the dress. I also added a jacket, there's nothing wrong with my arms, but I just prefer them in sleeves!! 

How sensational does Monika look!!!!

Owning this look with fab accessories! 

Who is your Style Crush?
Olivia Palmero

Image from www.everything5pounds.wordpress.com

Do you know how to work your body shape as well as Monika? Would you like to appear on another addition of Cover Flatter Flaunt? Get in touch at beckyjimiles@gmail.com

***Happy Friday***
x x x 


  1. Fab post- i love that yellow dress, any idea where its from?

    You should do a post on how to tell your body type - because I'm clueless so never know what shape i should dress for..!


    1. Hey Hayley, the dress is more of a lime colour and its from ASOS.

      Such a fab idea thank you, I'll do some research over the weekend and look to post next week.

      x x x

  2. I've loved reading this post and 'getting to know' Monika!! I would have never have guessed that she was 5ft either, that's what dressing well for your size and shape does for you.

    Monika, you always look flawless!



    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait to read your interview!!

      x x x

  3. Hiya! I absolutely love reading your blog – so I’ve nominated you for an Liebster Award, if you click on the link, it will give you more info…keep up the amazing posts..xo


    1. Thanks so much for the nomination! And congrats for getting one a month into starting your blog!!!

      x x x

  4. Awesome blog! Super liked it
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  5. Really loved reading this post, such a great idea to interview someone rather than give the generic 'how to dress for your shape' tips Monika looked amazing in that yellow dress! I'll make sure I keep up to date with your posts on bloglovin.

    Katie's-Antics x

    1. Hi Katie!

      Thanks so much it's had a fab response and I've got some amazing interviews lined up!
      How amazing does Monika look!!!

      Will be sure to follow you on bloglovin' x x x

  6. Oooh! Cover Flatter Flaunt is an amazing article. I love hearing from women within the fashion industry and how they mold it to fit the style of a modern woman. Your first guest is pretty cool, BTW! I like her styling and the honesty in her words. She really knows herself and how to make herself better through the clothes she wear. By doing so, she gains insights to the realm of body shape and how they affect one's look and how one can improve on them. I really think that the primary words to describe her fashion is fun and fearless. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post! Cheers!

    Christian Pearson @ League of Women Voters

    1. Hi Christian, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Bex and the City and for this wonderful review. I truly believe everyone can look amazing they just have to know their body shape and get excited about letting their personality shine through in their fashion choices!

      There are a few other Cover Flatter Flaunt interviews, do take a look at those too!!

      x x x