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Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

As cliché as it is I am very much one for a New Years resolution. In the past I've given up chocolate for a year (just to confirm to myself I wasn't a complete addict!) I also went veggie for a year, not as a life long choice but to encourage myself to try new foods, and I most certainly did, different cheeses, beans, falafel etc, it was fab. So what do commit myself to this year?

New Years Resolution 1: Enjoy London more
There is sooooo much to do in London but having always lived here I have kind of taken it for granted.
I've got off to a great start already, with two fashion exhibitions in the diary in February.

The made in London: Jewellery Now Exhibition at The Museum of London

 Link to event

Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s at The Victoria and Albert Museum

 Link to Event

New Years Resolution 2: Get back into Shape

Now I know this is on most peoples lists but the last few years I've been starting a new role or had other big changes going on around the New Year. This year all is going smoothly so I know I can invest more time and energy into getting back into shape.

I've started with shaking up my diet. I'm not into the fad diets though. 
The only one that has ever worked for me is one friends of mine in the fitness world have used to strip fat post a bulking phase.
The largest meal of the day is breakfast, and if you think logically it makes sense, you need energy throughout the day not at night to go to sleep. 

The diet also includes protein shakes, chicken salads and lots of veg.

I also have a cheat meal a week, I find this helps me stay on track, gives me something yummy to look forward to.
Next weeks cheat meal is SUSHI!!!

I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture!!
Workouts - For Jan most of my workouts will be jogging. I get off the train a stop or two early (depending how energetic I'm feeling) and run home.
I have a great running rucksack similar to the one below, that I put my work clothes into. The cushioning on the straps mean its really comfy to run in and straps hold the bag tightly in place.

 Click for website

I find running home is a great way of fitting in a workout that doesn't take too much time out of your day, plus it gets you out of traffic jams and crowded trains!
Once my fitness levels start increasing I'll also do ab sessions, squats and upper body work outs after my runs.
In Feb I'll re join my local gym, to get some weights sessions into my week to, I love body combat, body pump and spin classes. If you have a great instructor I think classes are perfect for days your feeling super demotivated.

New Years Resolution 3: Live the life I want to live, not anyone else’s.
I got the details below from a really great article on Elite Daily (this is number 11)

Don’t compare yourself to other people, just do you!
What have you decided to change, do more of or stop doing this year?
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