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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What body shape are you?

Following on from Monika's fantastic interview about dressing for your shape I received some feedback, asking about how to work out what body shape you are?

So I've done some research. LADIES get the measuring tape out and lets figure out our body shapes!!

Get yourself a piece of paper, a pen and write down:

As you take each measurement write the number against the body part.

You may need a little assistance with this measurement.
Place the end of the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder, wrap its the whole way round so you are measuring the widest part of your shoulders. The tape should just skim the body, do not pull it tight so it's pressing into your skin.

You may get offered help with this measurement, but I think we've got this one on our own!
Place the tape about the back of your bust and measure around the fullest part.

Wrap the tape around the smallest part of your middle/torso, again as small as we want to be if you want to do this right, make sure the tape skims the skin and isn't pressing into it.

Place your measuring tape just below the hip bone take it around your hips, over the largest part of your bottom.

My measurements to work out my body shape

Now comes the maths...

Image from www.sos-swim.co.uk/

Are your shoulder and hip measurements within 5% of each other and your waist similar or larger than your hips and shoulders? 
You are Apple

Is your hip measurement more than 5% bigger than your shoulder or bust measurement? 
You are Pear

Are your shoulders or bust 5% bigger than your waist?
You are Triangle or Strawberry

Are your shoulder, hip and bust measurements within 5% of each other? Is your waist less than 25% smaller than your shoulder or bust measurement? 
You are Rectangle/Ruler

Is your waist at least 25% smaller than your shoulder, hip and bust measurements? 
Your Hourglass 

My Measurements: Just looking at mine I can see there is quite a big difference between my shoulders and hips measurements compared with my waist. Which even from just looking at the pictures would steer me to the hourglass measurements. But to work it out

My Body Shape
Waist 29 divided by Shoulder (or Waist) 42 x 100 = 69
So that means my Shoulders are 69% larger than my Waist OR
my Waist is 31% smaller than my Shoulders, making my body shape Hourglass

***Celebs working their Body Shapes***


Image from fabanista.blogspot.co.uk


Image from fabanista.blogspot.co.uk


Image from howtodressforaparty.com


Image from fabanista.blogspot.co.uk


Image from fabanista.blogspot.co.uk

I love that all of the women above have very different shapes but all look sensational!!!

Make sure you keep a look out on Friday for the next Cover Flatter Flaunt feature!

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  1. Don't think you realise how much this has cheered me up. Made me see just how much weight I have lost. Thank you bex xxx

    My stats

    Shoulders 41 inch
    Bust 39 inch
    Waist 30.5 inch
    Hips 40 inch


    1. Hey hun

      That's so amazing and after 3 gorgeous bubbas too!!! Well Done!

      x x x

  2. Great post, I'm doing a post this weekend on body shape and actually, I'm just gonna link them to this post!! Brilliant x

    1. Hey Karen

      I feel so honored, your blog is amazing!! Thanks so much x x x