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About Me

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cover Flatter Flaunt

Introducing the gorgeous Emily Jane

So Emily Tell us a little bit about you...
I'm a blogger, personal stylist and freelance digital type. I'm a size 16, and I don't wear black!

I'm passionate about colour, and most of my styling work is focussed on encouraging women to bring more colour into their wardrobes and lives, and the positive impact this has! I really do think that fashion should be for everyone, no matter their size, shape or age, and that everyone can feel good about the way that they dress.

I love being self employed as it gives me the freedom to dress how I feel best - whether that means rocking up to a networking meeting in a sparkly jacket, or dying my hair lavender! 

You can find me at...

What body shape are you?


Don't know what shape you are? Here's a simple step by step process to work it out:  What body shape are you?

What would you say is/are your problem area(s)?
To be honest I try not to talk/think negatively about my body. However, everyone has areas that need 'balancing' by what they wear (or not - it's totally up to the individual I say!) For me, they are my curvy upper arms, thighs, and tum. Rather than 'problem' areas, I just think of them as things I have to take into consideration when I'm shopping, just as I do my 'good' (!) bits. 

What are your top tips for covering them?
I tend to go for dresses or tops with sleeves or wear a shrug/cardigan if they are sleeveless - but this is by no means all the time, if it's that hot, the arms come out! 
I also prefer a midi length skirt to a mini, unless I'm wearing opaques in the Winter. 

Ladies if you think midi's are the way forward for you there are some gorgeous midi skirts on the high-street right now....

TopShop - Pink bonded 3D felt skirt - £48.00

RiverIsland - Navy scarf print midi - £30.00
Next - Check Mesh Skirt - £48.00

RiverIsland - Black & White Animal Print Midi - £35.00

What are your top tips for flattering them?
Draping, soft fabrics tend to be more flattering over curves, so I steer clear of too much sharp tailoring (I learned that lesson when I used to have an office job and split the lining of every single pencil skirt I owned when I sat down!) As for my tum, a waistband that fits above it is a must for me, so on the odd occasion you see me in jeans or trousers, they'll come up to my natural waist - no hipster styles here which create a squidgy line across the middle of it! 

Now...tell us about your best bits...

I love my curves! 
Also I have quite a (proportionately) small waist which I enjoy showing off!

What are your top tips for really showing off/flaunting your best bits?
 I also ALWAYS make sure that whatever I wear shows off my waist as it's my narrowest point. As such, you'll generally find me in a waist belt of some sort, or a fifties style sillhouette. 
And again, it's all about the draping and soft fabrics!

Emily Jayne and I are the same body shape (hourglass) and I too use belts to nip me in at the waist and midi skirts that fan out from the waist...

What is your go to piece/shape of clothing?

I can never have too many knee length, nipped in waist, full skirted dresses in my wardrobe!

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

My navy and gold lace print Vivienne Westwood dress. It's simply beautiful and has all of my favourite features in a dress! Nipped in waist, full skirt, drapey neckline, and pockets! Oh how I love a skirt or dress with pockets! I have worn it to death, so was amazing value on a cost per wear basis.

What's the favourite accessory you own?

Had to have a think about this one, and I'm not sure it's my favourite, but the hardest working accessory in my wardrobe is probably a gold sparkly belt that came free with a dress from River Island - it gets lots and lots of wear, and I always smile when I'm wearing something glittery!

What's your Style Mantra?

EVERYTHING you wear should make you smile. 

Closely followed by Colour, Colour, Colour. 

Who is your Style Crush?

I love Zooey Deschanel's quirky, feminine, retro style. I basically watch New Girl screaming 'OHMYGOD I LOVE HER DRESS!' throughout. I'm sure this doesn't annoy my boyfriend at all.

Big Thanks to Emily Jayne, and watch out for Mission Style's interview next Friday!

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  1. Emily is my favourite. Beautiful! I love everything she wears and when I was a 16 I did exactly the same, accentuate that waist! her figure is bang on and I basit just did to her what she (and I) does to Zooey. OH MY GOD I LOVE HER DRESS! wonderful again Becky I really do love this post! Amazing xxx