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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Getting waisted...High Waisted!

As you'll have heard in last weeks Cover Flatter Flaunt featuring gorgeous Emily Jayne  (to read click here) one of the best ways to really show off an hour glass shape is to wear outfits that nip you in at the waist.
I too am an hour glass shaped young lady and here are two looks I've created recently that do exactly that. 
Two very different shaped skirts but they have one thing in common, they are high waisted. 

First up is this white blazer, lime green tee and black pencil skirt combo.

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The second of the looks is this high waisted leather look skater skirt and high neck cream jumper.
High waisted skater skirts are amazing! They work for so many different body shapes as well as hourglass:
For rectangle (or commonly known although I don't like the term boy shape) it'll create curves.
For top heavy ladies, it'll balance out your top and bottom half
Also for you pear shaped ladies who want to cover up your hips the skater skirt is a great way to do it and show off the smallest part of your torso.

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I've changed the top for this look as we're coming into spring and a roll neck might be a little too toasty now. I also think the print adds some fun to the outfit. 

I absolutely love my Nica satchel, I got it at last years clothes show live. It is the perfect size for all your essentials. And although it looks teeny, with all of the different sections and pockets you can fit more than you'd think in it!

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  1. I love these both! I'd love to wear the first but at the mo I still have a little mum tum! So something to aim for! The second is a beaut! Esp for us hourglasses who are quite gifted in the ass department haha. Love em both bex! Great as per usual! X

    1. Thanks gorg! You're doing soooo well keep it up!!!
      I only wear the first skirt if I've had a good couple of weeks of diet and working out! The second one is so comfy! x x x

    2. love the first outfit! so cute