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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Meet Singer, Songwriter and Fashionista - Katie Hammond!!!

Introducing the incredibly talented, up and coming star Katie Hammond

Bex: So Katie could you tell me and the Bex and the City readers a little bit about you?

Katie: I started singing when I was 8, as I loved high school musical and wanted to be able to sing and perform so I entered school talent shows and took part in drama productions.
I'm now 15 and I've progressed and gained more experience, so I decided to enter a big singing competition called open mic.

I auditioned in Liverpool and progressed to the Liverpool regional finals; where I sang one of my songs called 'It's You'
I then went on to the midlands area final where I sang another original called 'Someone' and I made it to the grand final at the NEC Birmingham where I sang a song I wrote especially for the final called 'Chapters' 
Along side this comp I also entered the Open Mic UK song writing comp and had the first song I ever wrote 'Someone'  releasedon Itunes.
I came 2nd in the competition and won studio recording time to record my new song 'Sandcastles' Thanks so much here's the link to the first song I ever wrote.
I'm off to BBC Radio Merseyside this morning (in January when the interview took place) for an interview about my song writing and they're going to play 'Someone' live on air.......whoop!

Bex: What outfits did you put together for the contest?
Katie: For the regional final I wore a black half fish net body from urban outfitters (one of my favourite shops) with a moschino taffeta tartan skirt.

I found the skirt online from 'children's salon', I often purchase designer children's wear as it is more affordable and actually fits better if you are size 6 to 8 and being only 5 feet tall, the length is good too. Worn with opaque tights ( has to be M&S velvets) and black platform sneakers for a glam rock chic look.

For the area final I wore a full length black skirt with a slit up the side from River Island, with an urban outfitters cropped, basque style top that has full netted sleeves.

I accessoriesed with a black neck choker that has a delicate teardrop pendant (from my mum's jewellery box). 
Worn with black sneakers to keep it cheeky'

For the grand final I wore a full length sequinned dress with a side slit and lovely detail at the back.

I found it in the sale at Kendall's 50% off and took it to a dress maker to have it altered to my size, I picked it up for only £50, a bargain from  Lipsy. With... My first ever pair of heels, only small ones, black suede Chelsea boots.

Similar available online now
Bex: How would you describe your style?
Katie: I like to follow fashion and like to keep my eye on new trends to get in there first, when it becomes teenage uniform I move on quickly for my next new look haha!
I would describe my look as glamorous rock chic / cute / vintage

Bex: What inspires your style?
Katie: I Definitely celebrities, I keep an eye on what they're wearing, particularly celebrities such as Rita Ora, Rihanna and Arianna Grande

Bex: How do you choose what to wear on stage?
Katie: I choose my performance clothes to complement my style of singing. In the Open Mic grand final I sang a soul power ballad called 'Chapters' and wore a very elegant sequinned long dress much like the style of the 'Dreamgirls' musical.

Bex: Top Fashion tip for all girls
Kaite: Always quirk up the latest trend don't just follow, try and make it stand out. << Bex: LOVE this tip!!!!

Bex: What is your favourite beauty product?
Katie: I love Benefit make up and Rimmel is always good and more affordable. I recently got my first liquid eyeliner pen and it's great and so precise. 

Also I don't like false eye lashes, you can easily create a much better effect from a few layers of good mascara!

Bex:  What is your favourite nail varnish colour?
Katie: Aqua blue/green

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - £3.99

Bex: What's your top beauty tip?
Katie: Johnson's baby lotion is as good as any posh stuff for removing your make up, eyes and face and it doesn't hurt your eyes and moisturises your face all at the same time haha!

Bex: Who is your celebrity style crush?  
Katie: Arianna Grande

Make sure you check out Katie's amazing song on Someone on iTunes
You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter
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