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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Model Jack W Revell gives BATC the inside scoop on the modelling world plus fashion tips for guys & girls!!!

In January I had the enviable task of interviewing my lovely friend and model Jack W Revell

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackwrevell
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jackwrevell
I wanted to get the inside scoop on the modelling industry, find out Jack's views on this years trends and get dating outfit tips for us ladies.

Jack has been modelling for 3 years, specialising in commercial and brand modelling. 
He has worked for brands including Next, Animal, Moss Bro and Pepsi Max and has appeared in Cosmo UK and Vogue Brides magazines.

Bex: So Jack, you've had a busy 3 years in the modelling world, what do you enjoy about working in the industry?
Jack: I really like how diverse the job is, you are always meeting new people, no two days are the same. The locations of photo-shoots are always different, and you never know where the director will take the shoot to ensure they get the picture they need. 
It's also a huge honour to be 'the face' of a brand, I enjoy representing the brands I've worked for.

Bex: What has been your favourite photo-shoot to date?
Jack: I have two favourite shoots have been the Pepsi Max and Canon shoots. For Pepsi we spent the day on a speed boat in Brighton and were filmed from a helicopter just having a great time!

The Canon shoot was on Goode Street, and was shot from lots of different angles and with multiple cameras which was a great experience. (Photo's for this shoot have not yet been released) 

Bex: Have you had any embarrassing moments on a photo-shoot?
Jack: In my early days of modelling, I was booked in to do a day’s catalogue modelling, for a men’s standard size L. When I arrived they had got the days mixed up and had brought in the clothes for the S and M sized models but the shoot HAD to go ahead. Trying to squeeze into clothes way too small but make them look comfortable was pretty embarrassing. 

Bex: It sounds brilliant, but there must be some down sides too?
Jack: It is really hard work, you get a lot of rejections at castings. Sometimes you can have 2-3 jobs a week, sometimes you don't have any work for months, and don't know when you'll next get paid. 
There is often an 'on trend look' when a lot of brands will be looking for a similar 'in look' for example for a while the shaved head for men was 'in', then it was all about long slick back hair, so you have to try and mould your look to fit what brands are looking for.

Bex: It's not a secret that there is a lot of pressure on female models, particularly fashion/runway models to maintain an incredibly slim figure, are there the same pressures for men?
Jack: The pressures are different for editorial/runway models who have incredibly defined cheekbones and have to be able to fit into anything. I'm a commercial and fitting model I have to look like your everyday guy, the norm (but a very good looking version of right ladies!!). Commercial models have to look like someone consumers can relate to. As a fitting model I am the perfect measurements for a standard mens large, so when I take a mens large blazer off the shelf, it's measurements are as if were made to measure.

Bex: Do you follow a particular fitness and diet regime to stay in shape?
Jack: I follow an eat lean/clean/mean lofestyle. I have protein in every meal, I drink lots of water (near 4L a day) It’s a pretty low carb diet but not no carbs. I always eat wholegrain bread/pasta. Eat little and often
I’m also on a 42 day fitness programme, designed to strip fat, lean up muscle but not to bulk. It involves working out 6 days a week and having a rest day. I do stick to all of this but I also have fun too, I have cheat meals and go out drinking with friend, but generally I stick to this diet and workout schedule. 

Bex: So a little more about you, how would you describe your personal style?
Jack: To be honest I’m pretty safe, I see a trend I like and wear it, I wouldn't call myself a trend setter.
I like layering clothes, I stick to pretty simple colours, black, grey, white and blue.

I also like a bit of double denim

Becks rocking double denim!
Bex: What trends do you like that are on the high-street at the moment for guys and girls?
Jack:  I like the classic Mac and brouges, Michael Kane type look

Dark Grey Smart Mac - RiverIsland - £70.00

Brogues - ASOS - £40.0
Looking very dapper!
For girls I quite like the 'All Saints Look' 

I really like the leather leggings and loose tee type outfit.

My take on leather look leggings and a baggy tee
Also when girls pay attention to detail with their outfits, like the chain across the collar detail 


Bex: What trends do you think will be big this summer?
Jack: For women, sorry I have no idea! (Love your honest Mr Revell!)
For the guys, I'm thinking a lot of Aztec prints and no more floral print long board shorts on the beech. The short shorts, Italian style, bright block shorts are coming back!

Bright Yellow Board Shorts - RiverIsland - £20.00
Bex: Who is your celebrity style crush/who's wardrobe would you love to own?
Jack: I have three
David Gandy

Stylish and Sophisticated 
Ryan Gosling
Cool and effortless
David Beckham

Makes anything look good

Bex: Which celebrity would you most like to date  ;)?
Jack: Erm I like the girl next door look so, Holly Willoughby, curvy and cute! Or Natalie Portman, a natural beauty and looks like she's really down to earth.

Bex: What are your top tips for us ladies when choosing an outfit for a date?
Jack: Do not wear too much make up or hair product. Also go for cute sexy is perfect, too sexy just comes across tarty. Don't put too much on show, keep us guessing!

Bex: Finally what are your top tips for any of the BATC readers looking to get into the fashion/modelling industry?
Jack: Decide what part of the industry you like and go for it, don't always do what everyone else is doing. Find your niche and work it!
Be unique, and figure out your own little trademark, something that is a little different so you stand out from the crowd. 

If you'd like to see more of Jack's work check him out on:
Twitter - @jackwrevell
Instagram: @jackwrevell
LinkedIn: Jack W Revell

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